13. Bruckenau show night heated up

13. Bruckenau show night heated up

Laura was beaming, bobbing and rocking the whole evening, what her little wheelchair could do, right at the front of the stage. The 14-year-old belongs to the living inventory of the largest dance show far and wide. Even though laura is severely handicapped, she really livened up with the music and scored the 13. Dance and show night of the carnival society of bad bruckenau creates a good atmosphere.
Five and a half hours of program, 38 individual contributions and a good 350 performers – the visitors to the show night got their money’s worth. The presenters dieter seban, peter pankerl and claudio kleinhans presented a dance show at a consistently high level without much talk, even if the absolute highlights were missing this year due to the short carnival schedule.

Premiere for TSV hollstadt

the friendly clubs from thalau, haimbach, bockels and fulda-ascheberg marched in completely, partly even with their own band. The number of local performances from the surrounding area was fortunately increased, with groups from altengronau, aura an der saale, euerdorf, oberthulba, ebenhausen, volkers, grafendorf and hollstadt. For the first time the bats and chess players of TSV hollstadt were on stage. Other groups from neighboring hesse, such as SG jossa, sterbfritz, oberkalbach, bachrain, kalbach, kerzell and pilgerzell, also presented their skills.
Visibly enjoying the evening were the local regents, princess katharina and prince daniel , together with the ousted mayors brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) and adelheid zimmermann (FDP). The prince and princess were particularly pleased to present their young regular guest laura with the society’s annual medal during the evening. The societies from haimbach and ascheberg also honored the loyal carnival fan and laura thanked them in her own way: with eyes that shone with happiness and joy more than the magnificent costumes of the dancers.
"Music is her everything, with music she learns at the blind institute in wurzburg at the cognitive advancement. In the meantime, she only needs her wheelchair from time to time; thanks to the music, she can stand and walk clumsily", so the audibly proud gerlinde martin. Together with her husband franz, she adopted three siblings, including laura, who was abused as a baby.

Everything went like clockwork

even if laura cannot see the details of the dances on stage due to a visual impairment she went out of her way in every number and literally danced along in her rolli. Again and again little dancers came to watch the dances of the following garden in front of the stage and joined laura, who clearly enjoyed the attention and bravely held out until the end at midnight.
Gabi pankerl, chairwoman of the bruckau carnival society and chief organizer of the evening, is visibly satisfied: "today it was like a transfer station. Some groups came straight from a gig, got off the bus here, got on stage with us, and after the gig they were off again by bus to the next date", she praised the good coordination. "That was a great job by all participants, especially by the technical team in the background." she was also pleased that many people from bad bruckenau had found their way to the TV hall. "Thanks to the good attendance, we can now financially support the carnival procession more easily."

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