A farmer’s wife visiting the kindergarten children

Every two years, the bavarian farmers’ association initiates the "children’s day on the farm" campaign the kindergarten children were able to experience a farm on site. Even in the village, it is no longer a matter of course that children see animals such as cows or pigs or know the work of a farmer. Due to a pandemic, the event could not be held as usual this year.

In order to give the children an insight into local agriculture, the farmers came to visit the kindergarten. In ramsthal, helene greubel made her way to the community kindergarten and the forest kindergarten to introduce the children to her farm and agriculture. The event, in which the children participated with enthusiasm, took place outdoors.

Helene greubel brought a mini children’s book and a coloring book for the children as a gift. The children were given animal masks to cut out and color at home. The farmer’s wife, herself a grandmother, was able to take the children on an imaginative journey to the farm during a participatory story. Here they got to know different animals and were able to participate with movements and sounds of the animals.

Next year, all participants hope to be able to hold the event again in the usual form on the farm.

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