Cup exclusion for dresden lifted

Cup exclusion for Dresden lifted

However, the traditional club will be punished for the riots of its fans in dortmund with a "ghost match" in the 2. Bundesliga, an away game without its own fans and a fine of 100,000 euros punished. This verdict was handed down by the federal court of the german football association (DFB) at the appeal hearing on 23. February in frankfurt. "This penalty must be a clear final warning to the club," said presiding judge goetz eilers, who followed the request of the control committee chairman anton nachreiner.

After the four-hour hearing and three hours of wrangling behind closed doors at DFB headquarters, the panel wanted to uphold the first-instance ruling of the sports court on 24. November not confirm. The penalty, unique in german soccer, was imposed after massive rioting by dynamo fans in the second-round cup match on 25. October in dortmund takes place. Dresden accepted the second verdict and will refrain from going to the permanent neutral arbitration court for clubs and corporations of the licensed leagues.

In the league match against FC ingolstadt on 11. Dresden must play in empty stadium. On 16. March at eintracht frankfurt may not watch dynamo fans. Dresden must pay the loss of revenue of the current league leader. In addition, the 100,000 euro fine. Dynamo lawyer schickhardt spoke of a "very intense, very strict" verdict with "great harshness," but also showed relief and promised, "we have learned our lesson."

Dynamo supporters had been cheering during the 2-0 victory of german champions borussia dortmund on 25. October set off firecrackers and rockets and provoked several times a stoppage of play. The match was interrupted twice, there were also riots in the vicinity of the game. At signal iduna park, there were 17 injuries, 15 arrests and property damage amounting to 150,000 euros. Both dresden and borussia dortmund, which had been fined 8000 euros, had appealed. The case against BVB was dropped for a payment of exactly the same amount.

According to dortmund police director peter andres, 110 criminal proceedings have been initiated against dynamo supporters. Dynamo had already been banned from the european cup for two years in 1991 because of an abandoned match against red star belgrade due to riots.

As at the first trial, witnesses such as andres described the details of the riots. Video footage of the riots during the game was also shown in the courtroom. In the special report of referee peter gagelmann was the whole range of illegal means that dynamo supporters had used: laser pointers, bengal fire, firecrackers, smoke bombs, burned flags. Andres spoke of 4000 violent dynamo fans that day. The riots triggered a renewed discussion about security in soccer.

Harald meyer, member of the DFB commission for security and prevention, described as a witness the sometimes powerless behavior on the ground against the rioters. The police had directed the violent fans into their block, although they had previously attacked stewards with bottles and fireworks. This criticized dynamo lawyer christoph schickhardt vehemently: "then the soccer should bear the responsibility for it?"Meyer didn’t want to pass the buck to the police and explained: "before I conjure up a dangerous situation, I let them into the stadiums."

The security expert suspects that banned pyrotechnics are regularly smuggled into the stadiums via suppliers and caterers. "I don’t want to know how many people are bought there," the security expert said. The burning of flares and firecrackers is prohibited at soccer matches, but it happens again and again.

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