Deadwood garden yes, but not at the cemetery

The former fire station in effeldorf is to be put up for sale. The dettelbach city councilors agreed on this with 11:7 votes in their meeting on monday evening. Even if the district’s horticultural and fruit beautification association would have liked to use the house as a storage space for gardening tools: a second municipal building next to the former school is not necessary for a council majority in the district. In addition, when the decision was made to build a new fire station in effeldorf, the council agreed to sell the old building once it had been completed. For some councillors it was also a question of justice: many dettelbacher associations would have to worry themselves about an appropriate accommodation.

Further points of the meeting were:

Almost all council members found the proposal of the environmental and nature conservation group dettelbach in the landesbund fur vogelschutz for the construction of a deadwood garden to be excellent, however, some of them had reservations about the proposed location at the cemetery. In the deadwood garden otherwise not usable fresh wood is to be "carted together" and be able to weather. For many animals and plants, a habitat that is hardly available anymore due to cleared forests. Majority the city council assigned the administration to find together with the LBV an appropriate property in the external area.

Depending on the budget situation, the renovation of effeldorfer strasse in bibergau, kirchstrasse in euerfeld, am kirchberg in bruck and jesuitenstrasse in effeldorf should be prepared for the 2019 budget. Only the free voters and the UCW/mainsondheim list had followed the request of mayor christine konrad and had made proposals for a priority list. SPD and CSU took the position that it could not be the task of the councils to draw up such a list. Konrad referred to the fact that it quite task of the city council one to make here defaults, besides all roads are catalogued according to condition and the administration need action defaults.

The city of dettelbach will not create a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in public spaces. Two proposals had been made by the administration: to procure its own fast-charging station for about 50,000 euros or, alternatively, to become a member of a charging network for 500 euros annually. However, the administration also noted that this is a voluntary task that requires a mandate from the city council. The majority wanted to leave this task to the free market.

The councillors were unanimous in increasing the user fee for the RV park on the main, which has been expanded to 49 parking spaces, from 5 euros to 7 euros per day, in addition to which free internet access has recently been provided.

The councils also unanimously decided to enter the federal funding program for broadband expansion and to award the consulting services to the office forst consult wurzburg.

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