Friedrichswerder church is a museum again

Friedrichswerder Church is a museum again

With the special exhibition "ideal and form – sculptures of the 19th century. With the special exhibition "ideal and form – sculptures of the 19th century from the collection of the national gallery", the friedrichswerder church rejoins the ranks of berlin’s state museums.

The sacred building with the original preserved church interior by the prussian master builder and architect karl friedrich schinkel (1781-1841) will again serve as a branch of the alte nationalgalerie (old national gallery) on the neighboring museum island in the coming years.

Of the approximately 2100 sculptures in the museum’s inventory, 50 are now presented in the light-flooded nave of the church. The pieces made of bronze, plaster, marble or terracotta range in time from schinkel to the empire.

Curator yvette deseyve also uses the spacious room for interesting juxtapositions. Two groups by adolf brutt (1855-1939) and reinhold begas (1831-1911), for example, show two very different approaches to the depiction of eve with her children cain and abel. While begas seems to see the evil in cain with his facial expression and posture, brutt’s two children are only recognizable by barely visible differences in size.

With the special exhibition, the friedrichswerder church will once again be open to the public after eight years of closure with extensive renovation work.

The friedrichswerder church was built by schinkel between 1824 and 1830 at the same time as his old museum on museum island. After severe damage during the second world war, the church had to be extensively renovated between 1979 and 1986. Buildings in the neighborhood caused such serious damage after the fall of communism that the church building, which is a listed building, has had to be restored again since 2012.

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