Johannisthal couple marries among flowers and trees

Johannisthal couple marries among flowers and trees

The church bells are ringing, the bride is walking down the aisle and her future husband is waiting for her at the altar. This, or something like it, is how most people picture a wedding.

At the wedding of daniela and andreas hahn from johannisthal, there was no priest and no church blessing. For this, the couple on 7. August in the middle of the forest of ebneth (district lichtenfels) a shamanic ceremony celebrated. For the two, it was clear that they did not want to marry in church, although they are baptized catholic and protestant. But the christian church has not been an issue for the two for a long time. "We were sure that this is our thing", daniela tells about the wedding. Shamanism has always interested them.

Andreas and daniela wanted to get the blessing of nature. Because this is the focus of shamanism. As a suitable place for their wedding andreas and daniela have chosen a romantic forest clearing in ebneth. "Ebneth is an ancient place of power and therefore optimal for such a wedding", daniela explains.

Not recognized by law

A shamanic wedding is not recognized by law. So that the married couple also before the state as man and woman is valid, they let themselves marry on the same day in the fairy grotto in saalfeld of a registry office woman. The location also had a special meaning for the couple. "We did not want to go to a normal registry office", explains daniela. The civil ceremony was important, among other things, because the couple has a common son. The sister of andreas and a friend of daniela were thereby the witnesses.
Loretta steinhauser from johannisthal is a health practitioner and performed the shamanic ceremony with other followers. The shamanic wedding was also a premiere for steinhauser. Since 2013, daniela hahn has been training with steinhauser to become a lorenga trainer. Andreas hahn came to shamanism through his wife.

In shamanism, followers do not believe in one or more gods. But they believe that everything has a soul and is connected with each other. Because of this, nature and the animal world have a very high value in shamanism. The invisible world, that is, all the things that cannot be seen with the eye, exists alongside the visible world.

Shamanism as a bridge builder

there are no concrete regulations in shamanism. Praying, meditating or performing rituals can all be part of it. "Shamanism is a bridge builder between the worlds", explains it to steinhauser. As an example, she cites whether the mood in a room is good and a person feels comfortable in it. "It is felt by each of us whether you get along with a person or not", explains steinhauser. What sounds a bit theoretical at first turns out to be uncomplicated in everyday life.

For example, the hahn family eats meat, although animals play an important role in shamanism. But they do so with care. "You don’t have to leave every flower alive", tells andreas hahn. To cut down a tree is then quite justified, if persons are endangered by it, andreas explains. If nature or animals are eliminated however only from profit greed, then that is against the opinions of the schamanismus. "The attitude, how and why you do something, is the be-all and end-all", daniela hahn emphasizes.

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