Marktgraitz building yard does not get top marks

Marktgraitz building yard does not get top marks

An inspection of the municipal building yard by an employee of the municipal accident insurance had revealed some small deficiencies, as became obvious in the recent meeting of the municipal council in the gymnasium.

The following main findings were made: there is no anchor point for rescue equipment, such as a so-called tripod, for entry into sewer shafts and enclosed spaces of sewage facilities. In the event of an accident in the enclosed space, employees could therefore not be rescued in time. The appropriate rescue equipment (tripod) is now purchased.

The fall edges at the storage floor and at the stairs to the storage floor have so far only been provided with insufficient fall protection or. The church was equipped with insufficient safety devices against falling objects. Appropriate fall protection must now be retrofitted. For the self-built storage floor, the permissible load capacity must be determined. Further, the circular saw is not equipped with an easily accessible emergency stop switch and must be retrofitted. Wood dust from sawing work must be collected using a low-dust vacuuming method. In this case, an approved industrial vacuum cleaner of dust class M must be procured.

Paints and varnishes in the cupboard

In the break room in the school, different paints and varnishes are stored in an old wooden cabinet. These hazardous substances must be stored in suitable containers. During the inspection, there was also a demand for better storage of various liquid hazardous substances in the building of the building yard without collecting trays or other suitable collection facilities. The number of collecting pans is therefore to be supplemented. It is the same with the storage of flammable liquids. Also here remedy must be created.

The marketing and business management working groups have already started their work for the village store for marktgraitz. At its first meeting, the working group discussed advertising, name and logo. "We want to pick up speed again, explained mayor jochen partheymuller on this topic.

Everyone is invited to participate creatively in the development of a name and logo for the village store, the community leader explained more. The proposals can be submitted until 30. August by mail to [email protected] be sent or dropped in the mailbox at the town hall marktgraitz. Who would like to participate actively, should contact jochen partheymuller. With the delivery of the ideas one agrees at the same time that the village store may use these free of charge. The provision of contact information is voluntary. The project is to become a community project of all graatzer. All should be taken on board. "Ezzerdla", "bagg-mers" or "alla doouch are the first suggestions that have already been made. In addition, a flyer will be distributed to the population. In response to a question from kerstin roling (CSU), the mayor explained that a founding meeting will be held soon. Anton hugerich (, BB) made the suggestion to hold two founding meetings, since in times of contact restrictions it would probably be difficult to get the expected 120 to 150 participants into one room at once. Natalie grammon (SPD) suggested to invite the participants of the working groups in writing to the planned meetings. Whether there will be a village store, will ultimately show the founding meeting, said the mayor.

The building application of jurgen hoffmann for the erection of a residential house with carport and garage in the keltenstrabe was unanimously approved with adherence to the set conditions. Since the building area lies at the edge of a biotope, the district office lichtenfels is asked for an appropriate examination.

Budget is late

Georg bulling (CSU) asked whether the budget will be passed as usual before the summer break. The mayor said that the delay was due to the local elections and the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, there is to be a special meeting on the budget before the summer break.

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