May steinberg already celebrate?

May Steinberg already celebrate?

The SCR steinbach am wald has the class preservation in the circle class 4 already nearly in the bag. The promoted team can take the final step this weekend against SV reitsch, which slipped back into the relegation zone after losing to rothenkirchen. After partly hair-raising performances FC unter-/oberrodach gave a sign of life again with the 1:1 at SV gifting and has to follow up against TSV gundelsdorf.

For FC burggrub everything can be over after this weekend – a defeat against gifting and the relegation is sealed.

The SG kleintettau II/buchbach, on the other hand, has its sights set on salvation. With the 2:1 in burggrub they got important three points in the previous week, but now they expected the currently in form wackeraner from haig. Although the players of the team will only have their sights set on staying in the league, they can also help TSV steinberg to the championship.

If the SG manages to win a point against haig, steinberg only has to win the derby at TSV wilhelmsthal to take the title.

Against it the wilhelmsthaler have to object however something. Especially captain philipp montag, whose team, however, is plagued by injury misfortune.

Mr. Montag, top or flop – this season, TSV wilhelmsthal has often switched between a strong series to a weak one. Why are you so inconsistent??

Philipp montag: if I knew that for sure… If the TSV wilhelmsthal machine gets rolling, it can also be dangerous for title aspirants. But when things don’t go our way, we tend to get shot down. Of course, this must not happen. In most cases it is a pure head thing, if we appear fully concentrated and are to hundred per cent with the thing, we take as a rule also something along. If we fall behind, many players’ heads go down. Ultimately, however, I am satisfied with the season on the whole.

Nevertheless, they have managed the class preservation without any problems. What is possible next season?

A difficult question. The goal is first and foremost to integrate the youth players who are coming and have come to the senior level with great potential, and their qualities. Our trainer is responsible for further planning and development, and he will certainly continue to work as meticulously as before. Now already a prognosis for the next season to show, is relatively difficult.

At the weekend you can annoy your steinberg neighbor and perhaps make the championship fight exciting again.

Unfortunately, we are currently hit by injury misfortune and numerous regulars are missing in the last derby of the season. The goal is probably to stand against the most consistent team of the district class defensively well ordered. Whether we can take something countable with us depends on the form of the day – maybe we will have the better day.

Which two teams will occupy the first two places in the end??

I think that TSV steinberg will be promoted directly because they have been the most consistent and have not had a weak phase. The battle for second place remains exciting. Here the decision will probably fall on the last matchday between SV gifting and wacker haig. They both play an excellent second half of the season and both deserved it. If the TSV neukenroth decides the endurance test on the next matchday against rothenkirchen – my tip: 2:1 for neukenroth – , they are of course not to be written off yet either. It remains exciting in any case. The questions were asked by dominic buckreus.

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