Naturstrom is flying high with wind turbines

Naturstrom is flying high with wind turbines

Word has spread that electricity doesn’t just come out of the socket. However, it is still far too little known that he "naturally" also comes from the region: from naturstrom – one of the leading providers of renewable energies, which has one of its mainstays in forchheim.

"Am 16. April 1998, naturstrom AG was founded – by 16 committed people who were all active in environmental associations.", tells dr. Thomas E.Banning, who has been at the helm of the company since 2002. And since his former job for siemens brought him to heroldsbach, naturstrom’s division responsible for self-generated electricity is located in forchheim. In an office wing of the former blank building in nurnberger strabe, 35 employees are involved in everything that has to do with the creation of regenerative plants."We are active in all areas of renewable energies", explains thomas banning: photovoltaic technology (solar energy), biomass, wind and hydropower.
He notes, however, that the focus has shifted considerably: wind power, for example, which years ago was considered economically and technically unfeasible in the local region, is now also an issue in franconia.

Finding sensible locations

that the energy turnaround is heating up the minds and changing the landscape, this is also clear to the naturstrom manager. "With every plant there is always an impact on nature", says banning bluntly. But there is a balancing of interests: "how much secure energy supply do we want, and where do we need it??" it doesn’t make sense to put wind turbines next to the basilica in gobweinstein," explains banning. But this could certainly be done on the A73 near scheblitz, for example, where the wind is strong and the population low. In addition, an encroachment on the landscape next to a highway that already exists is bearable. For banning, the middle ground between nature conservation and secure energy supply is: "you have to do one without demonizing the other.
Naturstrom’s idea is eco-logical: "we don’t want to put as much as possible somewhere in order to maximize profits", emphasizes banning "but we want to find solutions in consultation with the local people that are capable of reaching a consensus.". It is a matter of finding sensible locations, he said. "We are not aiming for maximum performance, but rather a path to sensible energy generation" . That’s why naturstrom founds operating companies for wind farms. At the end of 2011, the first wind farm in the bamberg district to be built entirely by naturstrom was put into operation. Citizens can participate not only through profit participation rights (from 1000 euros), but also as co-partners.

Total regional

the idea behind such energy cooperatives: on the one hand, value creation is expanded in the region, on the other hand, investors from the region are attracted, and finally, energy supply is created for the region. Thilo jungkunz tries to win over local communities and associations for this idea in information events.
Natural power is on the upswing. "15 years and not a bit quiet, thomas banning’s anniversary headline in his naturstrom magazine. In the meantime, a sales volume of around 200 million euros has been achieved. In terms of electricity, that is 940 00 gigawatt hours supplied. Thomas banning impressively explains what this means: "you could supply forchheim with this for about eight years.

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