Praise for the road expansion

Praise for the road expansion

In the center of the annual meeting of the CSU local association breitbrunn was the election of the local executive committee. The previous chairman cynthia derra was unanimously confirmed in her office. Julia baum and gunther geiling were elected as deputies, as the CSU announced.

In her report, chairwoman cynthia derra explained that during a bicycle tour it was discovered that in recent years a great deal had been invested in the expansion of state roads in the "holy lands" has been invested. This applies both to the expansion of the state road from ebelsbach to breitbrunn with the bike path and the expansion of the state road in the lautergrund, which is now to be continued from kottendorf to kirchlauter.

She announced a tour of the auenland beef gmbh plant in hofheim in august. Julia baum is taking applications.

In the new election were also elected to the local board: treasurer renate derra, secretary michel geiling; assessors: willibald reich, alfons stratz, heinrich baum, christine kuchenmeister, and richard kuchenmeister. Otto schlee and elisabeth geiling check the till.

The elections were led by the new deputy CSU district chairwoman heidi muller-gartner from maroldsweisach. According to her, she has always been strongly committed to social issues and is therefore also active in the club life. With an eye on the european elections, the local councilor asked that everything be done to mobilize her own electorate and thus not give populist groups from the left and right a chance. Europe is very important.

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