Suspect to appear before magistrate after bloody attack on bus

Suspect to appear before magistrate after bloody attack on bus

After the bloody crime in a public bus in bavaria, the suspect is to be brought before an arresting judge. This is to decide today whether the 37-year-old must be remanded in custody.

Police suspect the man stabbed his separated wife to death on monday in the public bus in the allgau region of germany. During the act, there were several children on the bus, who were apparently on their way home from school.

After the attack with several stabs on the 27-year-old woman, the man left the knife in the bus and fled. Investigators searched for him with a large contingent and were able to arrest him a short time later. The woman came shortly after the attack life-threateningly injured in a clinic. But the doctors could not save them.

The alleged perpetrator, an afghan national, is already known to the police since november 2019. At that time there had been an assault by the man on the wife, investigators reported. The victim also had afghan citizenship. Both meanwhile lived in different apartments.

According to a spokeswoman for the bus company, there were about ten schoolchildren and four adults on the bus at lunchtime. The deadly attack had taken place in the front part of the vehicle, the children were in the rear area. The bus driver and several passengers alerted the police.

The driver had brought the bus to a halt just before entering obergunzburg in the ostallgau region of bavaria. In the small village live about 6500 people.

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