The burgerhaus wustenahorn has its first ceremony

On thursday afternoon, mayor norbert tessmer immured current issues of the daily newspaper, coins and a certificate in a soldered copper sheet sleeve in the foundation stone of the citizens’ house at wolfgangsee in wustenahorn. " laying the foundation stone is always a nice event, as it stands for dynamism, progress and the future", said tessmer. The mayor recalled the almost 20 years of "tenacious" construction work history of the civic and district house. "A first note dates back to the year 1999." tessmer quoted the then managing director of wohnbau coburg, willibald fehn, according to whom the construction of the burgerhaus would take about four to five years. First concrete discussions about the project within the framework of the "social city" project followed only in 2009.

Tessmer: figurehead for coburg

tessmer described the future community center as a flagship for the city of coburg and a "key project and milestone for neighborhood development" for the wustenahorn district. The building should be finished in february of next year. A total of two million euros will be invested. Building officer and mayor birgit weber acknowledged the sponsorship of the community center by the government of upper franconia.

The children of the pfiffikus kindergarten and pupils of the melchior franck school sang the song of the "industrious craftsmen", put in the windows and painted the walls. Further the short ceremonial act on the shore of the wolfgangsee was followed by numerous people from wustenahorn and members of the civic association.

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