The next bridge construction site

After the thulba bridge near untererthal and the saale bridge in hammelburg, the next structure is now to be built: the bridge on the B 287 over the railroad line near euerdorf. It won’t be completely torn down and rebuilt, but it will still be extensively renovated.

Since one week the preparations for it run. Since then, vehicles have been directed across the bridge in a single lane. A traffic light regulates the. Because of this, traffic can back up, especially if several trucks are waiting in line, according to one motorist. The delays by the traffic light times hold themselves however on the whole in borders.

The construction work is divided into two sections: first one side of the roadway will be resurfaced, then the other. Everything runs the same, as the state building authority schweinfurt explains. First, a protective scaffolding is erected over the railroad line. After that, the protective equipment such as the sliding wall and railings will come away so that demolition of the canopy can begin. The asphalt layer and old waterproofing will also be removed down to the bare concrete, according to the state building department.

The bridge will get a new waterproofing, new caps, a new asphalt layer and new railings. In addition, the road construction is adjusted before and after the structure.

According to the state building authority, the bridge dates back to 1969. The last maintenance work took place 20 years ago. At that time, two roller bearings had been replaced and replaced with elastomeric bearings. The current condition of the structure is judged to be just adequate, hence the rehabilitation. "Various damages became visible during regular inspections, such as concrete damage and defective joint seals. Major deficiencies were found in the protective facilities – railings and concrete sliding wall. All deficiencies will now be completely eliminated as part of the renewal", nina lohner, spokeswoman for the state building authority in schweinfurt, germany, shares.

The refurbishment has a scope of about 1.25 million euros. Work to last until september.

There is another bridge on the B 287 near trimberg. According to information from the state construction office, with the exception of "normal maintenance work," the bridge will not be open to the public no major repair work is planned in the near future. The bridge was in a satisfactory condition with a condition rating of 2.4.

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