Three injured after accidents

Three injured after accidents

Near the grumpental bridge on monday evening around 19.At 10 a.M., a 19-year-old driver lost control of his car coming from the B89 in the direction of selsendorf, left the road and overturned several times.

The 19-year-old suffered minor injuries. Considerable property damage was caused to the car and a garden fence. The police put it at around 1,000 euros.

Distracted by talking on his cell phone, a 36-year-old pedestrian collided with a regional train in sonneberg on monday afternoon. The man was coming from feldstrasse and wanted to walk in the direction of neustadterstrasse. According to witnesses, the man was talking very loudly on the phone and wanted to cross the railroad crossing despite the closed half-barrier.

Without noticing the approaching regional train, he stepped onto the crossing, was hit by the ladder of the railcar, and skidded back onto the track. The rescue service treated the flesh wound suffered on the leg, but this did not prevent the man from continuing to make calls. According to the police, the 36-year-old will have to pay a considerable fine.

In accident number three, a wild boar was the undoing of a female motorist on monday morning in the jagdshofer strabe in sonneberg. Against 6.30 o’clock the woman drove the local connection road between jagdshof and sonneberg, when suddenly a wild boar crossed the road. She could no longer prevent a collision.

Her vehicle ran onto a sloping meadow and only came to a halt between trees. The woman suffered minor injuries in the accident. The wild boar died at the scene of the accident. Police estimate the damage to the car at 2500 euros.

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