Valuable historical research: new documents for district local historian

The preservation of the local heritage has been in very good hands in the district for years. District administrator thomas bold appreciated the work of werner eberth, roland heinlein, cornelia mence and christian neugebauer in the cultural committee accordingly: "the district local historians devote themselves intensively to the most diverse topics and perform very valuable work." in the committee they were now presented with their new certificates until 2024.

Every five years, the honorary local historians are newly appointed to this office. Cornelia mence was chosen for this honorary position in january 2007 for the old district of bad bruckenau. She has, independently of this function, together with her husband, the topic "jewish in the district of bad kissingen" and published two interesting books.

Diverse topics

In the summer of 2008, roland heinlein followed in the footsteps of the former district local historian adolf waibel for the hammelburg area. The hobbyhorse of the studied archaeologist is – how could it be otherwise – of course archaeology. If a soil find is made somewhere in the areas around hammelburg or bad bruckenau, heinlein is immediately on the spot.

In january 2012, christian neugebauer was appointed by the district council as the new district curator for the old district of bad kissingen. Of course, he can be approached on any historical topic. His personal historical interest, however, is the bavarian-prussian war of 1866.

Werner eberth is probably the longest-standing member of the district’s local heritage team. He was officially appointed to this office by the district council in 2002. Since then, eberth has researched numerous historical monuments and former celebrities in the region. He gave out in the meantime to the 30 books in the self-publishing house. The physical reports of the district courts of bad bruckenau, hammelburg, euerdorf, bad kissingen and munnerstadt as well as alzenau and schollkrippen also appeared there.

In his books and writings, eberth also described the lives and works of sculptors associated with bad kissingen, such as michael arnold, valentin weidner and ignatius taschner. Isolde krapf

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