Waiting for christmas with plants from the home garden

With the too mild weather for this time of year, you can still see hedgehogs wandering around. Actually, they should have been in hibernation long ago. For nature a normal winter would be best. But this weather is upsetting their rhythm. General global warming is therefore not doing our environment any good at all.

The pre-christmas season

on the 25. December celebrates christmas according to the gregorian calendar. The right "to be able to wait waiting for christmas, as is the case at the moment, has something very beautiful about it. It is the anticipation of the special and should be enjoyed accordingly, without letting ourselves be infected by the rush of consumption. To wait, moreover, is a virtue that bears rich fruit. Even in the garden you have to be able to wait. With the loss of time goes the lack of patience. A proverb says: "the grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull on it".

The history of the advent wreath

on sunday, 3. December, begins with the first advent and an advent wreath the beautiful pre-christmas season. And like so many things in these weeks, such as st. Barbara’s day or st. Nicholas’ day, the advent wreath also has a history of tradition. This began with a wagon wheel and 24 candles in 1839 in the hanseatic city of hamburg. Today, the advent wreaths that florists design are creative one-offs. The circular shape has remained for the most part. From the 24 candles remained 4 for the four sundays of advent. But there are endless variations, which are now presented in the flower stores. Advent wreaths can be made with a little skill and imagination but also yourself.

St. Barbara’s day and its customs

to have a fake spring at christmas in the living room, the day of st. Barbara (4. December) the right time to cut branches of flowering shrubs, such as cherry trees, forsythia and blood currant and bring them into the house. It is good that there have already been a few frosty nights this year. Otherwise, to activate the flower buds would have been necessary to pretend a winter in the freezer. Before they are driven, a bath of the branches for a few hours in lukewarm water provides the right revival. Before placing the shoots in a vase, they should be cut as long as possible with a very sharp knife, or with a hammer to soften the beginning of the stem to better absorb moisture. The water must be changed every three to four days. Too much heat in the rooms or the proximity of the heater, can lead to drying of the branches. An occasional spraying provides relief here. A well-known and very often accurate weather forecast says: "saint barbara in clover, christmas in snow". Since the weather forecast for the next few days does not seem to change fundamentally, we may have a white christmas for the first time in many years.

A beautiful way to decorate for winter: the plug-in palm tree

holly is one of the most attractive evergreen plants in the garden. Especially in advent, the branches are in great demand for decorations. The prickly leaves are joined by red berries in autumn. In the meantime there is also a self-fruitful variety with the name: "J.C.Van toll". Since the leaves and berries of the holly are very poisonous, this beautiful plant should be placed only where there are no small children. Holly is a woody shrub that can still be found here in the limestone beech forests on the slopes of the jura valleys. That is why they should always stand in the garden as undergrowth under the protection of larger trees. They are therefore for the planting of a "mature" garden ideal. Holly can become up to 300 years old.

Now better not plant

in recent days, there was a bit of frost for the first time. Normally, this should have been at least four weeks earlier. The frost provides for a better maturation of the wood. If still planting, should in no case frozen soil to the roots come. But snow has an even worse effect on planting work, as experience shows.

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