Association lobbies for new toilet facility in klaushof

association lobbies for new toilet facility in klaushof

The chairman of the "friends of the klaushof wild park" association, prof. Dr. Ekke haupt, gave a brief overview of the association’s activities at the members’ meeting. St. Nicholas festival, easter nest hunt and wild park festival attracted many visitors from near and far. However, the association is also committed to the further development of the wild park in a less publicized manner. Haupt took this opportunity to thank all the helpers in front of and behind the scenes for their tireless efforts. He also praised the good cooperation with the city, the nature conservation association and the forestry administration. The new elections went off without a hitch. The old board of directors was re-elected for another four years without any changes: chairman prof. Dr. Ekke haupt, deputy gerald klemm, secretary dr. Gudrun heil-franke, treasurer martina licht. The auditors markus eckert and gunther rothe were also confirmed in their offices.
Afterwards, there was a lively exchange of ideas about upcoming projects and desirable improvements. Again the lack of contemporary toilet facilities was criticized. With around 60,000 visitors a year and weekly visits from school classes, the renovation is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. Thankfully, dr. Heil-franke made himself familiar with ecological toilets. They do not require any connections or fundament. A wooden building with a barrier-free toilet and two additional toilets and an external urinal is expected to cost 14,500 euros. A baby changing area should be planned.
A visitor analysis showed that two thirds of the visitors are families with children. Toilets with baby changing facilities were at the top of the list of proposed improvements. Now that the wildpark has developed into a supra-local environmental education facility, eco-toilets would also serve as a role model.
The concept of the wild park as an environmental education facility and as an extracurricular teaching and learning site also fits in with the concept developed by wild park director axel maunz of a bee educational stand (in place of the raven enclosure) in connection with a circular route on the subject of bees and butterflies and their habitats. A wetland and a dry biotope are to be created along the path, a butterfly forest planted and a perennial flower meadow planted. The edge of the forest should also be made insect-friendly.
The number of flying insects has decreased by 75 percent in the last 30 years. The association therefore supports this project. Emphasizing the importance of the honeybee as a domestic animal in our cultural landscape also fits in well with the concept of the wild park. Fortunately, the city budgeted 15,000 euros for the project and submitted an application for funding in accordance with the "guidelines for the promotion of regional forest attractions" put. If the project called "unknown species diversity in near-natural forest insects and their habitats" if the project is approved as eligible for funding, implementation could begin immediately.
Axel maunz also pointed out that the wildpark should get a broadband connection and an info-point for the surrounding attractions. Also desirable is an increased marketing, a national advertising on busses as well as an expansion of the homepage and the use of facebook and youtube.
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