Carnival season of the kokage wiesentheid opens

After the church service on friday the members of the wiesentheider kolping-karneval-gesellschaft, short kokage, gathered for the carnival kick-off in the sports home in geesdorf.

Rebuke from the president

After the entrance of the elferrat and the guard there was first of all a rebuke from the president to the present guests: only few had stood up to greet the entrants. He exhorted the audience to "be ready at all times". This was soon no longer difficult for the hall, because immediately after the order exchange and the greeting of the new office bearers and office bearers the "pumuckls" tore the spectators from their chairs with enthusiasm. The dance group of the smallest, consisting of 33 children from three years, performed in great colorful costumes, colorful make-up and wigs.

The immersion in the carnival world was now successful. The dance show told a story and was elaborately choreographed. Even if the little ones still lack some stage experience – the fact that they regularly train well was evident from their appearance. The dancing couple and rainbow guard performing at the end were also a feast for the eyes.

11 years women carnival

The kokage also celebrated an anniversary: 11 years of women’s carnival in wiesentheid. Only the meeting president could not be present unfortunately. One sent her the best greetings to the sickbed. A baptism, thus the admission of a new member into the elferrat, did not take place this year. But newcomers who would like to join are welcome. An important item on the program, with many hugs and kisses, was the tribute to long-serving members.

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