Catholics celebrate recognition of their religion 1700 years ago

Catholics celebrate recognition of their religion 1700 years ago

In 313, the western roman emperor constantine the great and the eastern roman emperor licinius signed the so-called milan agreement, putting christianity, which had been persecuted until then, on an equal footing with all other religions. Konstantin was born in what is now serbian nis.

In his sermon, cardinal scola described faith as "reconciliation and not the divisiveness of people. In contrast, "unfortunately, excessive individualism is spreading more and more," he lamented. Nevertheless, he does not see the christian faith as being threatened: "christianity has a great future in europe."

Emperor constantine had defeated his adversary at rome in the year before the milanese agreement. Before the decisive battle, according to legend, he had seen in a dream a christian cross with the message "in this sign you will be victorious". So he ordered his soldiers to paint this symbol on their shields.

Originally, the church had wanted to bring at least 100,000 pilgrims to nis. Because of the economic crisis, only a few thousand people were present at the end of the day, the archbishop of belgrade, stanislav hocevar, explained the reason for the significantly smaller celebration. The orthodox church will hold its own celebration on 6. October in nis organize. The patriarchs from practically all orthodox countries, with russia at the forefront, have announced their attendance.

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