Cold record: april icier than at any time in 40 years

  • The april 2021 is one of the coldest april months since the beginning of weather recording
  • The month was as cold as for 40 years
  • What temperatures await us in may?

The month has come to an end, and what had been foreshadowed has now been confirmed: april has not been as cold as this year for 40 years. Already recently, the graduate meteorologist and weather expert dominik jung predicted that april 2021 would be one of the coldest april months, since the beginning of weather records 1881 in germany will include.

Cold record in april: month as cold as it has not been for 40 years

A look at the past makes the temperature difference particularly clear: in the years from 1991 to 2020, the average temperature at the end of april is 9 degrees. This year, however, the average is just 6.1 degrees. The coldest april brought it in the year 1917 on the average on 4,3 degrees. Colder than 2021 were only 1929 with 4.5 degrees and 1903 with 4.6 degrees on average. "Normal are according to the new climate average 1991 to 2020 9 degrees. We are miles away from that. Even the old climate average of 1961 to 1990 with 7.4 degrees will not be reached", said the weather expert jung shortly before.

The month had begun with an almost early summer, especially in southwestern germany. In mullheim, south of freiburg, there was with 25.9 degrees the monthly maximum value. But cool northerly winds quickly took over, pushing temperature levels down significantly. After years of very warm april months, this year’s easter month ended up being the coolest since 1980. In addition, there were unusually frequent frosts, a DWD spokesman said. The cool temperatures this april did not mean a lack of sunshine, however: at 185 hours, april’s sunshine duration was about 20 percent above its target of 154 hours.

Weather experts estimate: how will may?

The meteorologist believes that this development will also have an impact on may. "Looking at the two leading weather models, may appears to be the no major warmth in sight either to be", according to jung. Still no significant warming in sight. "Germany is stuck in the "cold trap", says jung.

According to the calculations of the european and american long-term weather model, the may in each case 0.5 degrees warmer than the climate average fall out. With the "climate mean is the so-called "30-year climate mean" meant. This is an average of the monthly and annual temperatures measured over 30 years. The current climate reference period was determined by the world meteorological organization (WMO) for the period between 1991 and 2020.

With an increase of 0.5 degrees compared to the climate average, it is according to jung "a pretty sparse deviation upwards". That could be why the may for many people perceived as a rather cold month as well the meteorologist believes. The climate average for the period from 1991 to 2020 is 13.1 degrees celsius for may. For comparison: in the climate average which was still valid last year, i.E. The period 1961 to 1990, this value was still 12.1 degrees. The graduate meteorologist states: "consistent weather is not in sight until the end of the month." it is to be expected thus further with changeable temperatures to the end of the month. May is also expected to get off to a changeable start.

Weather expert dominik jung: "spring 2021 is extremely difficult"

On saturday (1. May), the temperature rises to between 6 and 14 degrees celsius, with showers and even snow at high altitudes in the alps. Quite unstable and cool it goes then also after the 1. May further. It gets colder again at night. Ground frost could occur. "Spring 2021 is extremely difficult. And yet it has partly got off to a good start. The last week of february was record warm, as was the last week of march. But since easter the spring is in the worm in it. The weather situation is like stuck. Again and again cold air masses from northern europe come to germany", explains weather expert jung.

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"Extreme summer": meteorologist expects record heat – this is the weather trend

"However, it must also be said that we are somewhat spoiled by the warm early years of the past. April in particular was particularly warm, and in some places already early summer. This year everything is different. Normally there are late night frosts in mid-may: the ice saints. However, if this continues with the polar air pushes as currently, then the ice saints do not stand out at all, because we are quasi new cold air advances every few days have" explains jung.

The cold april caused problems especially for fruit growers and vintners in the free state. Frosty nights in mid-april destroyed part of the harvest, according to the kompetenzzentrum obstbau-bodensee in ravensburg, germany. Accordingly, it was mainly stone fruit such as cherries or mirabelles, but also pears that were affected. "We got off lightly, though," managing director manfred buchele. "I think we will have a good harvest."

Frost in april: fruit growers fear for their crops

Hundreds of winegrowers and fruit growers in bavaria have also taken out insurance against weather risks to protect themselves against harvest losses due to frost with a support program of the ministry of agriculture. As the ministry announced on tuesday (27. April 2021), 447 winegrowers and fruit growers had applied for funding by the end of april. Accordingly, the pilot project subsidizes premiums on protection against severe frost, storms or heavy rain with up to 50 percent.

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