“Community work”: wallenfels adopts the budget

Mayor jens korn (CSU) described the budget as a joint effort by the entire city council. The procedure with the extensive preparation has proven itself, said the mayor. The cornerstones of the investment program have already been set at the retreat, but the "red thread" should not be lost do not lose sight of. The common goal is to move the city forward.

Relaxed situation

the situation has eased a bit compared to the previous year. The addition to the asset budget amounts to 318000 euros. The free margin was not very abundant, but at least one was provided for in the budget. The improvement was partly due to additional revenue from a higher income tax (65,000 euros) and higher key allocations (40,000 euros). On the other hand, there were fortunately lower expenditures, especially in interest expenses. Due to the current interest situation, these could be reduced again by 60 000 euro, said the mayor. The stabilization aid of 130,000 euros has done the city good. Also, due to the stable district apportionment, less money has flowed into the district for wallenfels.
Financing of the new fire station in wallenfels will be handled by bayerngrund outside the budget. Experience had already been gained in the past with the framework conditions of bayerngrund, which conform to the guidelines. This financing option was deliberately created to enable measures to be implemented quickly. For the city, this also means a certain amount of discipline, especially since the financing of the next few years will be a burden on the city. Investments were also made in the infrastructure. The expansion of the lamitztalstrabe costs around 1.3 million euros, and 125,000 euros have been earmarked for the reduction of external water.

Progress in urban redevelopment

progress is being made in urban redevelopment with the demolition of unsightly residential buildings. The village renewal in neuengrun will be tackled with the redesign of the church surroundings. Korn also mentioned the creation of a business park to keep companies in the area. He was very pleased that around two-thirds of the inverted 2.4 million was subsidized by corresponding grants.
"Who would have thought of funding rates of 90 percent years ago?, the mayor commented on the current situation
managing director frank jakob referred to the future budgets, where it is necessary to set appropriate rates for the firehouse. The financial program is not set in stone; there will still be some changes to make, he predicted. Stabilization aid has also been applied for again for the current year.
Due to the departure of two long-serving employees, personnel costs were reduced slightly despite increases in collective bargaining agreements. The budget consolidation concept required for the stabilization aid was updated.
It is quite easy to prove that the state aid was used in a compliant manner, because the full amount of the 150,000 euros granted was used to repay a loan. The net borrowing amounts to about 200,000 euro with a total budget volume of 8.3 million euro.

Surplus at daycare center

the annual financial statements of the wallenfels day care centers for the accounting year 16/17 were acknowledged with a surplus for the year of 13000 euro. The amount will be transferred to the deficit compensation reserve by the sponsor, the catholic church. The new budget foresees a shortfall of 26,000 euros, but this has been calculated very cautiously. Due to many unknown figures, a more accurate forecast is not possible.
The kronach police department would like to extend the security patrol to the area of operation of the town of wallenfels. The kronach police chief uwe hermann referred to good experiences with the municipalities where volunteers have been active up to now: "we are indeed a safe place and have only half as many criminal offenses as in the district of kronach", according to the mayor. In the past few years, according to the statistics presented, all misses have gone downwards. The clearance rate is very high at 84 percent. Nevertheless, one wants to accept at least the offer on an occasion-related basis at larger events. With two votes against, the request of the police inspection in kronach was approved. An initial assessment is to be made at the end of the year.
Info box:
the city of wallenfels invites you to the 12. July to an evening of tribute. Gudrun brendel-fischer, honorary commissioner of the state parliament, will be present.


on 20. The first regular business meeting of the upper roachtal takes place in june. The mayors gerhard wunder and jens korn have invited the participants. The aim is to improve the networking of companies. The first meeting in the premises of the beetz company in wallenfels will focus on the possibilities for local authorities to influence the shortage of skilled workers.

The new drinking water house water connections in schnappenhammer were completed. Good progress is being made on the construction of the road linking schnappenhammer to wolfersgrun. The bridge structure is currently being demolished. The mayor said that the original schedule will be adhered to. The wolfersgrun cemetery will be tackled in the near future.

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