District of forchheim: mailboxes with illegal “czech firecrackers blown up

Driving to czech republic, buying illegal firecrackers and smuggling them across the border is prohibited. Because they also blew up mailboxes in the district of forchheim with the explosive devices, three young people were now on trial. One of the perpetrators was sentenced to one year and six months on probation.

Two 19-year-olds and a 16-year-old in the dock. The two male defendants, who come from the district of forchheim, are accused of having bought the firecrackers in the czech republic. Both admitted this completely. “but we were not there with the intention of buying firecrackers, a defendant affirmed. The clarification of the other acts was more tricky: on 11. In december, the defendants drove to ebermannstadt with two other witnesses. There, the 16-year-old blew up a mailbox.

Mailbox of an ex in ebermannstadt was the target

the accused 19-year-old claims to have been unaware of the blast. The second defendant, who comes from ebermannstadt, claims he "doesn’t really remember" to be able. The 16-year-old all the better for it. The ebermannstadter had instructed the driver to drive to the address. "He had stress with the one who lives there," the manager said, the 16-year-old stated. The man from ebermannstadt also denied this: "it was already over by then. We were friends again."

But the 16-year-old insisted that she had been instructed by the 19-year-old to put the "czech firecracker" in the mailbox to blast. Another witness who was in the car recalled that the defendant "suggested blowing up the mailbox". In addition, the accused did not want to commit the crime himself because "his parents would recognize him immediately".

Residents observe the perpetrator’s vehicle

the residents of the house noticed what was happening and recognized the dark VW. The two daughters had returned home shortly before the explosion. "The mailbox it has hurled to the neighbors", witness said. The other daughter explained that the man from ebermannstadt had already "taped up the mailbox with silicone" once before. In addition to the mailbox, two other mailboxes were blown up the following day. Both defendants denied the accusation. However, the 16-year-old testified to the police that both of them had told her about these blasts.

Embezzled money in a fast food restaurant

the 19-year-old from ebermannstadt was also charged with a second case. He embezzled money from his job, a fast-food restaurant, between february and march. He allegedly canceled paid products and took the money from the cash register. In total, he got away with 2175.18 euros. "That was what we were able to prove he did.", the restaurant manager explained. The defendant admitted to this crime. But he does not know how much money was involved. "His mistake was that he had canceled too much money in one day, so that there was no profit but minus in the cash box – and that can’t be", according to the manager.

Prosecutor daniel heppt pleaded to sentence all three defendants under the juvenile criminal code. The 19-year-old driver should pay a fine and receive a period of detention. The 16-year-old should be punished with community service. The ebermannstadter, the "driving force was, must be condemned with a prison sentence. The 19-year-old’s lawyer emphasized the juvenile behavior of his client and asked the court to give the juvenile another chance.

Forchheim judge: probation by the skin of his teeth

judge philipp fortsch sentenced him to one year and six months probation – for unauthorized importation of explosive substances, property damage in several cases and embezzlement. "Probation hangs by a thread", the juvenile court judge affirmed. The reason for the probation is that the defendant could possibly manage to remain unpunished. For this, the man from ebermannstadt has to do 80 hours of community service and pay 1500 euros to awo. The 19-year-old driver was fined 1400 euros for importing and aiding and abetting property damage. The 16-year-old must perform 30 hours of community service at the awo. The verdict is final.

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