Exit restriction in the district of forchheim: town of forchheim is deserted

Yes, it’s empty in forchheim’s city center – and in times of corona, that’s just as well. Since prime minister markus soder (CSU) announced the exit restriction on friday, most people from forchheim have stayed at home. Where there are usually a lot of people – at the train station, in the playgrounds, in the pedestrian zone, on paradeplatz – now only a few passers-by walk by. Many seem to adhere to the exit restriction.

Apart from a private party on saturday night in bammersdorf, which officers of the forchheim police eventually broke up, the police reported no significant corona operations. Things are said to have been quiet in forchheim over the weekend, confirms klaus backer, head of the public order office.

The new swabbing station at the parking lot in front of the herder hall, on the other hand, is much busier. More than 20 people were tested on the first day, says holger strehl, press spokesman for the district administration office. "A low double-digit number." but he did not want to reveal the exact number.

25 confirmed infected persons currently exist in the district of forchheim (as of monday afternoon). One person is still in the intensive care unit of the hospital in forchheim, other suspected cases are in the hospital’s isolation ward.

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