In wallenfels there were gifts also for god

In wallenfels there were gifts also for god

Christmas is the feast of love, peace, faith and – gifts. Also in the parish church st. Thomas in wallenfels gave gifts on the fourth sunday of advent. But none that you would normally put under the christmas tree at home on christmas eve. No, there were gifts of a somewhat different kind at the service. Four new altar servers began their service and, on the one hand, they made a gift to themselves by promising with joyful hearts to perform their service at the altar gladly and conscientiously, and on the other hand, they actually made a gift to god as well. Yes they gifted god with their commitment to serve him, with their commitment to "serve" with all their heart to be there for him. Father jan poja said about the altar boys that they are dignitary bearers, ministers in the service of god. But they are also altar servers and helpers at the holy mass. "You are ministers and at the same time servants for the church. But first and foremost you are christians", said the priest.

Not only service at the altar

being an altar boy in wallenfels means much more than "just" being an altar boy service at the altar, much more than "only" to be an altar boy in the altar robe a few times. No, altar boy in st. To be thomas in wallenfels means rather to be present, to participate lively in the parish. And it meant above all to be able to be there for a long time. Not just a few years, but in wallenfels you can be an altar server for 20, 30 or even 40 years. "Everyone can be there, no matter how old. We don’t have a retirement age, and that’s really an exception here in wallenfels", said father jan poja. And exactly for these reasons it was possible to present the second big gift.

The altar boys presented father jan poja with a check for 2402 euros for the renovation of the parish hall. This amount was made possible by the overwhelming attendance of the colorful evening on 27. October and the repetition on 28. October. Twice full house guaranteed the altar boys not only the praise of the whole audience, but also full coffers. With theater, music, sketches and dances, almost 50 altar boys were involved in the organization and execution of the event. Even the youngest were there and gave their best. The "senior altar boys" also had participated and so it was shown that the altar servers in wallenfels are one big family.

Led by "minipapa werner stumpf not only the minichor is always present, but the altar boys are involved everywhere during the whole year. A highlight this year was for example the victory at the ministrant day in wolfergrun/neuengrun.

Effort has been worthwhile

for the "colorful evening they had already practiced since october 2011. First it began with reading rehearsals, above all for the play, which is about the "middle ages"-altar boys"+bernhardt" performed, and then the rehearsals for all the little skits. Some of these were written and rehearsed by the young altar boys themselves. But all the effort was worth it. On behalf of the altar boys, markus haderdauer and florian weib handed over a check for 2402 euros to father jan poja.

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