Inspired by silence

Inspired by silence

Artist, curator, gallery owner – erlangen-born artist birgit nadrau develops highly sensitive works that thrive on precision and attention to detail. In her paintings as well as in her drawings on thin aluminum sheets, but also in her objects, nadrau makes visible a soundless world of things and nature. With her portraits reduced to essential statements, she highlights people in a special way from everyday events, says a statement from the metropolitan region.

The renunciation of real backgrounds, in whose place it puts full-area impact metal, gives the sitters an aura reminiscent of the transcendence of medieval gold ground painting. For example, it depicts young people quietly communicating with the virtual world of their smartphones or letting their gaze wander into the distance. With these works, the artist shows contemplative views of her contemporaries, who seem to have escaped the stress and the abundance of images of everyday life.

Her installations pay tribute to the banal and inconspicuous object as well as the absurdity of many a situation. Multiplied and put into an order scheme, the artist gives objects an extraordinary aesthetics. These can be articles from the supermarket as well as mementos from one’s own family history. By structure and set of rules nadrau gives to the everyday in such a way an extended and also new sense context.

Awarded many times

Her gift for precise observation of what is happening in the world and in art serves her well as gallery owner and curator of the nuremberg gallery bernsteinzimmer, which she runs together with anders mohl, helga von rauffer and fredder wanoth. After studying communication design and working in an agency for several years, birgit nadrau studied free painting at the academy of fine arts in nuremberg. She has received numerous prizes and awards for her work.

Born in erlangen, living and working in nuremberg for a long time, birgit nadrau finally decided at the beginning of 2016 to move into a studio in leipzig’s spinnerei, in the middle of the vibrant art quarter, in the middle of the booming city. In this spacious room she listens to herself and continues to work stringently on her projects and works, inspired by the silence.

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