No to the power line in the district of habberge

no to the power line in the district of habberge

The district council does not want another 380-kilovolt power line to pass through the district of hassberge. The municipalities in the district do not want this either, and neither do the neighboring districts of schweinfurt and coburg. But: "the federal government decides", said district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) at yesterday's meeting of the district council.
Last year, the federal network agency determined the need for the "P44" line recognized again for the target year 2030, adelinde friedrich, head of the department of construction and environment at the district administration office, informed the district council committee about the topic. The district council yesterday reaffirmed its intention to take a clear position together with other municipalities in the district (hofheim alliance, ebern, konigsberg, untermerzbach) as well as with schweinfurt and coburg and to say "no to the planned P44 power line. "The need is not given for us and also not proved", said district administrator schneider.
The route was not necessary and should be prevented. District council member and member of the state parliament steffen vogel explained that this opinion is also shared at the state level. The government sees that it cannot be that grafenrheinfeld (schweinfurt district) "has to bundle 25 percent of germany's electricity needs", said vogel. In fact, where the nuclear power plant operated until 2015, there is a larger power grid infrastructure that would seem to lend itself well to expansion, according to the federal grid agency's needs plans.
The power line would then probably run along federal highway 303 through the district of hassberge.
The district council members agreed that decentralized power supply through a mix of renewable energies is the right way to go, and that this is already the way to go. Odp district councillor rainer baumgartner once again warned of the sheer size of such a line and its enormous land consumption: "compared to that, a wind farm like the one we have built is a small gnat's bite." 

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