Organizers expect thousands at anti-afd protest

organizers expect thousands at anti-afd protest

The organizers of the anti-afd protest in berlin on sunday expect significantly more participants than the afd with its demonstration "zukunft deutschland" (future germany). The party revised the number of participants significantly downward on wednesday, while the organizers of the counter-demonstrations now have "significantly more than 10.000 people" are expected. A major operation is imminent for the police.

At a press conference on wednesday, five alliances presented their protest plans: "our goal is to get so many people on the streets that the afd can’t get through," said nora berneis, spokeswoman for the "stop the hate" alliance. They expect significantly more than 10 euros at the four main demonstrations.000 people, she explained. A total of 13 counter-events have been registered. The central rally will take place from 11 a.M. On the platz der republik in front of the reichstag building; the organizers expect members of the bundestag from the SPD, the left and the greens to be there.

The route of the demonstration under the motto "as long as it bangs. Afd to leave" is still unclear. "We are in talks with the police," said a spokesman on wednesday. 14 music trucks are to parade through berlin. According to its own information, the alliance is supported by up to 150 berlin clubs. "We invite the berlin party scene to the afterhour", they declared. For this purpose, announcements are to be made before the demonstration in the participating berlin clubs to draw attention to the protest actions. At this demonstration alone, the organizers expect 14.000 participants.

The afd meanwhile corrected the expected number of participants downwards. The afd federal executive committee now expects 2,500 to 5,000 demonstrators – initially 10 had been announced.000 people. Regarding possible clashes with counter-demonstrators, party vice-chairman georg pazderski said he had full confidence in the berlin police. This is "demonstration-proven".

The afd in rhineland-palatinate pays a subsidy to some of the participants in the demonstration. A total of 1,500 euros is available for this purpose, said party spokesman robin classen in mainz on wednesday. The first 30 demonstrators who come forward are to receive 50 euros each. There had been consideration of organizing a bus to berlin or paying a subsidy if people traveled themselves, classen explained. The county board had decided on the more flexible solution for the grant.

Meanwhile, on wednesday morning, activists unloaded blocks of ice with the constitution in front of the afd party headquarters in the mitte district, blocking the entrances. The aim is to draw attention to the afd’s "rather cool relationship" with the constitution on the day of the constitution, the organization #reconquistainternet explained in a press release.

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