Prime minister netanyahu goes into quarantine

Prime Minister Netanyahu goes into quarantine

Israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu goes into quarantine as a precautionary measure because, according to media reports, one of his advisors has contracted the corona virus.

The head of the government and his close staff will remain in quarantine for the time being until the necessary investigations are completed, his office said. Subsequently, the ministry of health and netanyahu’s personal physician would determine an end to quarantine. Earlier, netanyahu’s adviser on strict religious affairs had tested positive for sars-cov-2, israeli media reported.

Netanyahu’s office had initially said that after an initial assessment there was no need for a quarantine. He had not been in close contact with the affected person and had not met her personally. In addition, according to the initial findings, it appears that the two were never in the same room together in the past two weeks.

Israel has imposed strict exit restrictions because of the spread of the coronavirus. People are supposed to stay at home, only allowed out in exceptional cases. According to the ministry of health, the sars-cov-2 virus has now been detected in 4347 people in israel. 15 people reportedly died after infection. Tens of thousands of people are in domestic quarantine.

Netanyahu is making efforts after the parliamentary election on 2. March at present around the formation of a large coalition with its past competitor benny gantz of the center alliance blue white. According to media reports, a settlement is imminent. It was the third election within a year.

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