Receipt obligation: receipts land with the baker in the garbage

Receipt obligation: Receipts land with the baker in the garbage

Since beginning of the year the new cash law applies and with it the cash receipt obligation. In other words, every store owner, whether a florist or a butcher, must now hand over a receipt, even if the customer only bought two rolls for 76 cents at the bakery. But these receipts often end up in the trash, because: many customers do not want them for smaller amounts. "When I buy a loaf of bread, I don’t need a receipt. I find that already alone for environmental reasons an absurdity", says the kulmbacher udo stubinger, which yesterday at noon with the "grunwehrbeck" in weiher has bought.

Trees for the bureaucracy

Grunwehrbeck is well aware of the fact that the thermal paper slips cause a huge mountain of waste sebastian large convinced. Hundreds of trees would have to be cut for the "bureaucracy mania" be felled, he says, showing us a bucket bulging with the receipts. "No one takes them away, even if we point them out to customers."

That says the law

"Law for the protection against manipulations at digital basic records" is the exact name of the new cash law. According to this, electronic recording systems, as modern cash registers are called today, must be equipped with a certified technical security system from january 1. January must have a certified technical security device. This is how manipulation of digital data is to be prevented.

As the federal ministry of finance explained in response to a question from our newspaper, any document that is available to the tax authorities as a result of test purchases or checks on retailers "can be used to compare with the cash register data in the event of a cash register inspection or an external audit.". "The voucher issue serves to strengthen transparency and efficient verification by the tax authorities", it is called in the technical language. Sales made past the cash register should be immediately recognizable, since in these cases no receipt would be issued. "This transparency counteracts tax evasion", so the press office further.

Against the handicraft

Digital basic records, certified technical security device? Sebastian large bursts the hat cord, if it hears of it. "They make with such laws the small handicraft nevertheless only kaputt ?, complains the baker, who stresses that he has had an electronic cash register for many years "on which every sale is stored". "We are already transparent enough", says grob, who can’t understand why his cash registers have to be retrofitted after a transitional period ending in september.

Open cash register in kasendorf

In contrast, master baker reinhard muller from kasendorf does not have to retrofit his old cash register. He has in fact never used an electronic cash register in his store. Muller keeps an "open store cash register, which cannot store sales transactions or print modern cash register receipts without a lot of technology.

The law requires him to record his sales "individually, completely, correctly, timely and in an orderly manner" records. "I do. I keep a cash book every day", says muller, who knows that records and bookings of income and expenditure can still be checked by means of a cash inspection by the tax office.

What his bakery colleague sebastian grob does with the many receipts left on the counter? "I collect them and when the first yellow bag is full, I will dump them on the doorstep of the tax office." many of his colleagues are doing this, says grob: "in protest against the nonsensical regulations."

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