Songs from three cultures

"Music of the spanish renaissance sabine loredo silva (mezzo-soprano) and knut trautvetter (lute instruments) will present a concert on friday, 19. July, at 19.30 pm in the synagogue in kronach, nikolaus-ziitter-street 27. Sephardic music (from the hebrew "S’fard") is the music of the jews, who after the exile from judea (70 u. Z.) fled to spain and brought cultural exchange between jews, christians and arabs to blossom there.

The sephards were the mediators between the orient and the occident, translating the works of the great philosophers, fertilizing their religion and culture as well as that of the christians with the knowledge of the arabic world and the heritage of antiquity. The spanish king alfonso X., also "alfonso el sabio – the wise" called, made his court in the toledo of the 13. The christian city of judea became a meeting place for christians, jews and arabs at the beginning of the twentieth century and thus a unique example of the peaceful coexistence of different peoples and faiths.

The "cantigas de santa maria" – songs for the saint virgin mary – are one of the largest collections of songs of the middle ages, consisting of about 420 poems, mostly in galician-portuguese language. These songs are dedicated to alfons X. Attributed. He saw in this collection a cultural project of great importance. As a duo for voice and lute instruments, sabine loredo silva (mezzospran) and knut trautvetter (lute instruments) present a selection of songs from these three cultures, accompanied by texts and poems. Admission costs 12 euros, concessions 8 euros.

Sabine loredo silva was born in berlin. She began her private vocal training with the latvian opera singer isser buschkin. First stage experience and longtime ensemble member of the "opernwerkstatt berlin", conducted by eric leon holland, as well as lively concert activity throughout germany followed. Her artistic work focuses on early medieval music, the spanish renaissance and the italian early baroque.

Knut trautvetter, born in berlin, studied music education with the main subject guitar at the hochschule der kunste. During his guitar studies his interest in the playing forms of the so-called old music grew. Therefore, he subsequently completed a supplementary study of historical plucked instruments with a focus on theorbo with prof. Nigel north, also at the university of the arts in berlin. Knut trautvetter gained experience as a continuo player and accompanist in ensembles of different instrumentation

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