Soon no more chinese massage in bad kissingen?

Soon no more Chinese massage in Bad Kissingen?

Karl heinz laudenbach (CSU/party-less), the mayor of bad kissingen at that time, was so proud. From bad kissingen, the liangtse group wanted to cover all of europe with medical massage salons. Nothing came of it. On the contrary, the dragon may even take off soon and return to the middle kingdom.

The branch at bismarckstrasse 27 exudes a rather brittle charm. The plaster is peeling, the restaurant has been "temporary" for a long time densely. At the entrance there is a notice with the following words: "important. From 01. 12. In 2013 our wellness will be closed for at least one year because of reconstruction. We ask you to redeem your vouchers in time with us. Thank you for your understanding. Your china liangtse team."

No further information

because of reconstruction? At least one year? And then it’s reopening? Really? The lady on the phone answers with a hesitant yes. Then she politely stalls the conversation. She could not say more. Goodbye.

Regular customer margarete G. Is sour. She still has ten vouchers worth around 300 euros. She wanted to use some of them as a christmas present. Margarete G. "I think it’s outrageous that you should now redeem them all in the next 14 days." she was put off by a member of staff, who said that a solution would probably be found by the end of the month.

Also the married couple raap treated itself to many massages. A coworker called it recently and communicated that one closes at the end of november. Jurgen raap finds this regrettable. Because: "we were very satisfied. He and his wife hannelore would be working off the few remaining vouchers in the next few days.

Other customers saw the institution since a long time on a "totally descending branch". Because the good masseurs were gone, back to china. A force had made itself independent in aura. Masseur flo ("that’s the only one who can still give proper massages") is moving to the berlin branch.

Big plans have fallen through

the city administration is not aware of any major renovation plans that require approval. Allegedly there are big problems with the sewer system. The foreigners’ registration office reports that 28 chinese with work permits are registered in the district, six with china liangtse.

Shi lei, the daughter of company founder yang jiang shi, hit the ground running. At the beginning of 2009, the free state of bavaria honored her business idea with a prize. Branches opened in lindau, hamburg, berlin, munich and bad malente. Helsinki, london and the hague came along. Yang jiang shi dreamed of going public, chinese lions danced in bad kissingen’s pedestrian zone. Bavaria’s minister of economic affairs martin zeil (FDP) met shi lei for an exchange of views.

Two years ago, finghua gebel complained: "the work permits are our biggest problem." restrictive laws would slow down expansion. Logo: customers want "real" products chinese to be massaged, not by semi-skilled germans. Even then, there was no longer any talk of the once-mentioned seven million euros that china liangtse wanted to invest.

Slowly it became quieter. The lindau branch closed again, those in berlin and in bad malente work independently.

The homepage also speaks volumes: the bad kissingen branch is treated stepmotherly compared to hamburg and berlin. A reference to the forthcoming , only temporary (?), closure is missing.

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