The sg rodental invites to show gymnastics

The SG Rodental invites to show gymnastics

Around 250 active gymnasts are taking part and are looking forward to showing their skills to numerous spectators. Start: 15.30 h. The gymnastics and dance retrospective begins as early as the stone age: the 5- to 9-year-old dance minis wrap up their idea of our ancestors in a show dance. The program then takes you back to the sagas and legends of the middle ages, when the gymnastics dwarfs jump over boxes or the toddlers fight their way over the obstacles in dragon country.

The boys are catapulted into space by mini tramps, while the little gymnastics witches ride back to earth on their brooms. Hairy for sure the male gymnastics team will perform on floor and box to the music of the musical "hair". The show dance "ladies will take the audience back to the wicked jazz clubs of chicago in the 1920s. In quick succession, the pop stars of the 20th century gave their best. The gymnasts of the twentieth century have a rendezvous: abba, pink floyd, michael jackson, lady gaga and beyonce provide the music for groovy performances on vaulting apparatus, in the apparatus course, on the balance beam and as dances. Not only the music, but also the way of gymnastics has changed over time. The shows "gymnastics anno dazumal", "tele-gymnastics" and "electric gym 2012 demonstrate impressively. In keeping with this, visitors to the "museum room" can view historical photos and gymnastics jerseys from the last 35 years.

Admission for adults is five euros, children pay three euros. Admission to franz goebel hall begins at 2 p.M.

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