Zeckern despairs of heroldsbach

Zeckern despairs of Heroldsbach

The catch-up games on wednesday evening held many a surprise – like the 4:2 of spvgg heroldsbach in the kreisliga 1 at spvgg zeckern.

Kreisliga 1 ER/PEG

spvgg zeckern – spvgg heroldsbach 2:4
the SV buckenhofen will send best regards to heroldsbach: the zeckern defeat has brought the championship one step closer again. That the second in the table would end the game as a loser, he probably did not think himself at halftime: with the goals of michael glaser (1.) and stefan rauber (44.) everything seemed to take its expected course against the climber. But not with heroldsbach on this day: the guests proved not only great morale, they also knew how to convince playfully. "We were already better in the first half, but concede stupid goals", said guest coach stefan hiltl and implored his troop in the break: "I told them that we take something here if they play another half-time like this. But there I was rather hoping for a 2:2." alexandru laza (48.) and manuel baumer (52.) managed the quick 2:2 equalizer. But the guests wanted more and got it: philipp gotz scored after 65 minutes for the 3:2 lead, baumer scored again for the 4:2 final score (74.). And hiltl? He was just proud. "After the final whistle, many people patted us on the back. All goals were beautiful and not accidental. But I don’t want to single out anyone, we performed excellently as a team." tsc

TSV hemhofen -FSV grobenseebach 2:2
it was only four minutes played, as the TSV was already 0:2 behind: already in the first minute alessandro seria converted a penalty, shortly after tobias quaschner increased with the left from an acute angle. Hemhofen was not willing to be shot down, however, and had good chances just like FSV. With the 1:2 connection in the 40. Minute the game was open again: A long free kick was deposited in the penalty area, felix mitranescu pointed the ball with the help of the inside post to 1:2 over the line. After the break, the exchange of blows went straight on, goals could have fallen in droves. But only oliver sub was to net: after a corner he nodded in the 70. Minute from a few meters to 2:2. That’s how it should stay – despite further chances on both sides. Tsc

Kreisliga 2 ER/PEG

SV ermreuth – FC schnaittach 5:3
maik sprenger against fabian dressendorfer. The two goal scorers had before the game each 21 goals on their account. After the game sprenger had 25 and dressendorfer "only" 23. Christian biermeier put the SVE in the lead 1:0 (8).). Afterwards dressendorfer turned the game around in a weak phase of the home side with a double strike (27./37.). Before the break, the goal shooting continued: sprenger equalized (41.), before christoph meyer scored the 2:3 (43.) and again sprenger leveled (45.). After the break, however, sprenger finally clarified the situation in the goal scorers list. With two more goals (53./68.) ensured the player-coach for the deserved 5:3 home victory. Uwke

SV moggast – DJK weingarts 1:4
sebastian friedl scored the 0:1 for the guests from maigisch (16).), which had to make up something noticeable. Noah drummer added the 0:2 just three minutes later (19.). With this comfortable lead it went into the break. The 0:3 scored steffen kraft (57.). Nico schneider scored on a penalty kick for the home side (75.), but again hannes siebenhaar with the 1:4 made up for it. Uwke

TSV brand – SC kuhlenfels 1:2
the guests from kuhlenfels, who finally had top performers kilian macht and christopher schraml back on the pitch, got off to a good start and scored a double strike. Mario eckert (21.) and schraml (23.) ensured the 2-0 lead. Only in the final quarter of an hour came brand through dominik schroft again approached (75.). The equalizer did not succeed TSV more. Uwke

TSC pottenstein – SC uttenreuth 2:1
in the relegation battle, the pottensteiner played themselves into a real run and won the third game in a row. The long journey during the week did the uttenreuthers no good, the guests conceded immediately a goal by fabian haas (21.). Dominik grillenberger equalized before the break (32.). In a balanced second half sebastian haas scored in the 82. Minute to win at home. Uwke

District 2 ER/PEG

SV gloria weilersbach – SV langensendelbach 2:2
first against schlaifhausen only 1:1 played, now against weilersbach again only a draw. With the "little ones has langensendelbach currently so his problems. It could have been even worse. "That one was not in", said gloria department head arno amon to the 2:2 equalizer (78.) of the guests. A free kick by markus angermuller first hit the lower edge of the crossbar, then the back of keeper sponsel and bounced back into the field. Both teams continued to play, but the referee pointed to the center of the match. "From 30 meters away he decides the", complained amon. Not the only scene in which weilersbach felt disadvantaged. That was already at the 1:1 by sven rauh (32.) the case had been, which the lead of sebastian vollmeier (21.) equalized, but should have been clearly offside, so amon. After the change of ends dominic amon scored the 2:1 for the gloria (64.). It was not enough for the victory, but the draw is a step in the right direction. "We have already shown against baiersdorf II that we can play with anyone. If we continue like this, we will not descend", so amon. Tsc

District 3 ER/PEG

SC egloffstein – FC betzenstein 0:0
the zero number is of little use to both teams in the relegation battle. Egloffstein and betzenstein confirmed their poor league position with their performance. There were few goalmouth scenes. The clearest chance for the home team was matthias vogel shortly before the end of the game. But FC keeper philipp zagel saved his penalty kick brilliantly. Jk

FC wichsenstein – FC troschenreuth 1:2
wichsenstein had some good chances. The post and crossbar saved five times for the beaten goalkeeper. Nevertheless, the home team came away empty-handed. Only in the 70. Troschenreuth had the first clear chance in the second minute. In the 75. Minute fell the 0:1. Bogner was able to equalize a little later (85.), but in the injury time fell the lucky winner for egloffstein. Jk

TSC barnfels – SV kirchenbirkig 1:1
playing the regenthaler had more to offer, but through fighting spirit the hosts made up for this shortcoming. At the late 0:1 (85.) by brutting the ball jumped after a header to the crossbar, from there however still into the goal. The equalizer by kevin hafner in the 88th minute. Minute preceded a vorarbeit of markus muller, in which he was slightly injured and had to be replaced. Jk

ASV michelfeld – ASV forth 4:1
with the commanding home victory, ASV further extended its lead. The guests were chanceless and came only in the final minute by adrian hofmann at least to the ehrentreffer. Outstanding scorer was daniel meier with three goals, and jose sanchez also scored. Jk

SG wolfsberg / geschwand – SV hiltpoltstein 2:2
compared to the strong performance on sunday, the SG was unrecognizable. The small HSV was an equal opponent. HSV goalkeeper janosch weidl could repeatedly excel and was the strongest player at hiltpoltstein. After the break, the home team had a playful preponderance, because the guests were weakened by yellow-red for hofmann and red for gebhardt. For victory, however, it was still not enough. Goals: 0:1 escherich (10.), 1:1 ruckert (44./FE), 1:2 friedrich (70.), 2:2 winter (75.) jk

A-class 2 ER/PEG

TSV drugendorf -DJK eggolsheim II 0:3
the first half was very tedious, the guests found it difficult to get into the game. Shortly before the break, a penalty was the can opener, suleyman gul converted (39).). In the second section, the TSV degraded more and more, so that sebastian dierl could raise the result: first by header (70.), three minutes later in the second attempt.

A-class 3 ER/PEG

FC stockach – TSV grafenberg 0:1
"actually that was a typical 0:0", describes FC head of department stefan gebhardt. In the first half, the game rippled along, although the guests had more game shares, but chances remained scarce. After the change of ends, it was finally dangerous: grafenberg’s florian derbfub first headed at the FC keeper, the TSV player shot past the goal from a meter away. "That was actually the highlight of the game", explained the chairman harald denk. For the winning goal was a real coincidence: A deflected ball landed at the feet of jonas muller, who then only had to push in (72.).

TSV elbersberg – SV mittelehrenbach 3:2
mittelehrenbach let three points lie: the guests actually got off to a good start, as johannes salb scored after four minutes to take the lead. Johannes frank screwed the result in the height (36.), but johannes wolfel brought TSV back into the game before the break with a penalty kick (42 minutes).). In the second period tobias meixner, player-coach of the guests, had to leave the field because of meckerns with the traffic light card (81).), before michael stieg had marked the equalizer. In the final minute, patrick zitzmann scored the acclaimed winning goal, SV, on the other hand, has to accept a setback in the promotion race.

SV hiltpoltstein II – spvgg muggendorf 0:3
"we have played much too awkwardly", spvgg head of department markus distler complained despite the away victory. After many missed chances, michael helm put his colors in front from close range (35.). A great solo through the midfield including a short double pass paved the way for the second goal, johannes schrenker finished his solo run (57.). Captain andreas schick scored the final goal with a penalty kick (75.). "If we had played it down more cleverly, the victory would have been much higher", says distler.

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