A giant party in pink

A growing number of participants dressed in pink shirts filled the marketplace to show their support for the goals of breast cancer prevention. Despite the busy schedule, european member of parliament anja weisgerber had taken over the patronage of the event and, together with her daughter and district administrator thomas bold, gave the go-ahead for the start at 11 a.M. She stressed the importance of cancer prevention, especially for the most common cancer in women, breast cancer. "This is also an important topic in the european parliament", said weisgerber.

Before the start, tina zeller and petra morschhauser from the sinnflut team warmed up the participants with their zumba classes. And so everyone – running, jogging, walking or simply strolling at their favorite pace – was able to reach the finish line without any accidents.

Twelve-year-old lara mahlmeister and heike kotzner from volkers had already completed the course after 37 minutes. After less than two hours, the big finish clock could already be taken down again, because everyone had reached the finish line, whether with baby carriages or walking aids. And even a spry senior citizen in a wheelchair was among them.

Catering from the mayor

the finish line led along the love mill through an alley pink er balloon grapes. Finish speaker dieter seban was anxious to greet all runners by name with the help of a good team in the background, as long as he could manage against the snappy sounds of the schondra revival band playing right next to the finish line. The romershagen palace court musicians had positioned themselves in the old town, while a percussion ensemble ensured a proper running rhythm in the state baths.

Along the entire route, walkers and relatives cheered on the never-ending pink chain of runners. The municipality of motten, whose employees were almost completely at the start and were catered for on the way by their boss, mayor jochen vogel, demonstrated special fitness awareness. Numerous other political groups, groups of people and companies also took advantage of the event to engage in a joint charitable fitness activity.

"This is not a success of the city, but of the many people who take part", mayor brigitte meyerdierks was pleased about the successful event, the support of the helping clubs and numerous sponsors and of course the amount of money donated to the breast cancer charity. Karin bauer, who had been in charge of the tourist information office during the weeks of preparation, was overjoyed after the event, despite all the exhaustion:" everything went well, from the weather, which stayed dry, to the great number of participants and the many helpers who created an incomparable atmosphere, especially at the start and in the siebener park". "Next year we’re aiming for the 750 mark", the chairman of the gymnastics club, michael saam, encourages them to further develop the run together.

The participants all arrived at the finish line with beaming faces, including doris gunther, who was visiting bad bruckenau and spontaneously ran along with her mother-in-law karin gunther:" that was really nice," said, she said of her own running experience. Luisa haas, who finished the semester break with her friends, was also enthusiastic: "it was great to run together with so many people, it was a great boost. And we had a blast on the road."

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