An evening of emotions in the kulmbach town hall

To describe this year’s christmas concert by ljubka biagioni zu guttenberg, more than one word is needed: moving, touching, atmospheric – or simply a pleasure. In the sold-out kulmbach stadthalle, she elicited dreamlike melodies from the hof symphony orchestra, brought the powerful-voiced choir "vokalwerk nuremberg to the sound, aroused emotions in her audience and a solemn mood for the coming christmas.

"It is a great pleasure for me to spend this evening with you", said the conductor and had to shed a tear. It is always a matter of concern to her to arrange music in such a way that it reaches everyone. "Not everyone is lucky enough to have a family and a comfortable home." no big house is necessary "rather we should be grateful for every second that the dear god gives us".

Due to stress, we often do not realize that time is the most important thing, time that should be spent with children, especially in the run-up to christmas. "That’s why I read the two little christmas stories at the concert", said ljubka biagioni. From her childhood in italy, she knows advent very differently than here in germany. "Reading aloud and singing during advent is typically german, and I am grateful that I was allowed to get to know it." after all, advent is a preparation, a waiting "time for the soul".

She also chooses the music she conducts for the soul. "I always choose a program that arouses different emotions", she said, and she always directs what she likes herself, because "one likes to cook what one likes to eat".

And so the visitors on friday evening were served a real feast for the ears of well-known classics, starting with the "gloria" by vivaldi, a french christmas carol, english christmas carols such as "the first noell" and – what would a christmas concert be without it – bach’s christmas oratorio. "I also played this in memory of my late husband."

The conductor, orchestra and choir presented joyful sounds from the russian composer "snowflake" for example by nikolai rimsky-korsakov or a dance by tchaikovsky. When they finally heard bach’s suite no. 3, it became very quiet in the hall and one could literally feel how every single note came out of her body and was transmitted to the orchestra. A wonderful interpretation of the now 200-year-old classic "silent night" followed by a solemn "adeste fideles" permeated the town hall to the last corners.

Also impressive were the numerous encores that evening, which the ensemble performed after thunderous applause. As a small surprise, ljubka biagioni had invited a young singing quartet to the stadthalle "I call them the four musketeers". Kristina szegedi-dinusova, lukas alois roth, clara bergert and richard breitkopf sang "power up the door" to christmas.

Finally, the "ave maria" by vivaldi, a french christmas carol, was intense and touching with vladimir stanušev on violin and solem grand on harp, before the concert ended with the "waltz of flowers" from tchaikovsky’s "nutcracker found its final climax. A highly emotional concert, from which the audience could live on for a long time.

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