Bundestag election: anette kramme (spd) wants to take countermeasures

Bundestag election: Anette Kramme (SPD) wants to take countermeasures

Anette kramme (SPD), a member of the bundestag, describes her greatest political success as her involvement in the introduction of the minimum wage. She is running for the SPD in the bayreuth/forchheim constituency for the fifth time in a row to represent the region in the german bundestag.

Member of the SPD, the parliamentary state secretary in the federal ministry of labor and social affairs since 1988. "I joined because I wanted to set a sign against the doctrines of my bayreuth professors. There were gentlemen who wanted to restrict the right to vote and the freedom of the press, and who considered any form of abortion to be murder.", kramme recalls.

She preferred to stick with willy brandt. Although she also liked herbert wehner’s pithy quotes, which she still has in the form of a book at home, brand was the epitome of a peace politician for her.

The 49-year-old single woman thinks it’s more important than ever to reach out to people. Above all, listening is important. People wanted to be taken seriously. "Already now the established parties do not reach a third of the voters any more. The citizens have the feeling of being cut off from society. According to the federal statistical office, 90 percent of germans earn less than 2750 euros gross per month. That leaves too little for the individual. And when people turn away from politics, democracy is endangered", warns kramme with a serious face. Although the issue of voter fatigue is not new, this phenomenon becomes a problem when it reaches 30 percent of those eligible to vote.

Only speech bubbles?

The parliamentarian believes that action should be taken, and she calls on her colleagues to speak more clearly to the public. "And we would need more space", finds kramme. She regrets that a politician is given a maximum of 30 seconds for a TV statement. With private stations the statement may be only 15 to 20 seconds long. "There you can only work with speech bubbles. It’s impossible to get the message across", says kramme. And that leads to the parties appearing more and more uniform to the public.

The federal politician dreams of a society in which everyone can live free of existential worries and in which ecology is not neglected. Kramme also emphasizes the interests of the so-called "third world" would have to be taken into account in the long term. "This is not only a humanitarian issue, but also a question of common sense", finds kramme. People in africa and other crisis areas need a perspective on life. "If this does not succeed, we are only at the beginning of an unimaginable wave of refugees", the social democrat, who was born in essen (ruhr area), points out.

She finds it a pity that in politics things cannot be realized as quickly as she has in mind. "It would be nice if things could be recognized as right and important and implemented immediately", sighs kramme.

Directly for the people

"what we do must benefit people directly" but she also points out that voters’ expectations have risen significantly compared to the 1970s. What has changed, for example, is childcare. Even in rural areas, more and more parents are taking advantage of open and bound all-day schools. "There is no doubt in my mind that children must be cared for until the end of the fourth grade. That’s why it’s time for parents to have a legal right to it", the power woman living in heinersreuth, for whom a 70-hour work week is "normal", demands is. Care should be free of charge.

The franconian voter fights just as passionately for an increase in the pension level and a solidarity pension for low-income earners. "There are still too many pensions that are below the basic income level. And this despite the fact that people have worked longer than 35 years. This cannot be. Also a partner income of up to 1600 euro, may not be taken into account on this pension", kramme underlines. She is convinced: "the state can afford it." A pension level of 48 percent of the last net income, later of 46 percent, is also a promise to the young. The state secretary is certain that this will also lead to an increase in the birth rate.

Kramme describes the "objective-free fixed-term contract" as a neologism that no one understands and the resulting abuse of the law. "But what lies behind it is important. It should be forbidden that employees, who are employed by a company through a temporary employment agency, have to complete another probationary period. On-call work is also unacceptable, she says. The risk is being shifted to the employee, criticizes kramme, who cites the catering industry as an example. In good weather the waiters would be needed, in a rainy summer there would be virtually no earnings for the service staff.

Taking the BMW out for a spin

another example: A local trucking company provided its truck drivers with 20-hour-a-week contracts, with no overtime bonuses. The captains of the road are nevertheless dangerous. And when the company took a turn for the worse financially, the entrepreneur insisted on the 20 hours. "A scandal", finds kramme, who herself also likes to be on the road. With her BMW 1200 GS. "If I ride my bike for a day in the direction of the rennsteig or the alps, that’s pure relaxation for me. I just concentrate on the traffic and don’t think about anything else, says kramme. As a "child of the 80s she likes to listen to ACDC, but also deep purple. The main thing is hard rock!

In the election campaign, the enthusiastic hobby cook ("unfortunately, I don’t have time for it every day") relies on facebook (6300 clicks) and cinema advertising as well as radio advertising, posters and flyers. But more important is the direct encounter with the voters during company visits or festivities. "It’s real graft, but it’s the most effective" judges kramme.

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