Circumventing the coalitions

Michael busch the southern bypass was, is and will remain a hot potato in herzogenaurach. In the past, decisions were made, the southern bypass was approved and soon the zoning procedure will be available. But the majorities in the herzogenaurach city council have been reshuffled.

The greens and the party submitted a motion that the city of herzogenaurach should stop the "southern bypass" construction project should be stopped with immediate effect. With the help of a traffic route planner and a form of citizen participation, an alternative future-oriented traffic relief concept for niederndorf should be developed.

Less traffic

The reason was given by peter simon for the green party: "the corona era has changed a lot in our working world. The number of commuters in and out of the city has increased

And will continue to decline as work patterns have and will change." he states that home office is maintained as a workplace for quite a few employees, either completely or on a daily basis.

The existing development is a wrong investment in the future. The right thing to do is to look at the stub, expanded cycle paths or even gondolas that could relieve traffic congestion.

Mayor german hacker took a clear position: "i ask you to reject the application." the B90/greens’ position on the southern bypass has always been the same, but nothing has changed in the fundamental considerations regarding the niederndorf bypass. "This road is not an end in itself, but an urgent and overdue traffic solution for the sufficiently known north-south and east-west problem of the center of niederndorf."

Holger auernheimer (SPD) explained: "for years, a solution was sought, discussed and ultimately found. Now to demand an alternative, without a solution, is a slap in the face of the niederndorfer." he criticized that the applicants were now using the corona crisis to find new arguments against the southern bypass. It is forgotten that not everyone can implement home office "especially at schaeffler there is a lot of work that cannot take place at home".

Bernhard schwab stated for the CSU that he was already surprised that this motion comes from two parties that are in the coalition, the cooperation, with the party providing the mayor (SPD). On the matter, however, he warned against pinning everything on corona. "There will also be a time after corona and normality will return. And then we face the same traffic problems as before the corona era." the acceptance of the motion would set back herzogenaurach’s traffic policy and development by years.

On behalf of the free voters, manfred welker declared that they would vote in favor of the motion. Because the structures would change in such a way that it would be necessary to think about changing the plans that had been made. But he reproached the greens: "we expected this proposal six years ago."

Retta muller-schimmel replied on behalf of the green party that they had always been against the southern bypass. The application is being made now because it is perfectly acceptable to change one’s mind due to changing conditions. "This is what the blacks in bavaria are showing us, they are also becoming greener and greener." she accused german hacker that his proposed rejection of the application was contrary to what he had said to the deliverers of the open letter (report page 13). Third mayor michael dassler emphasized that the FDP had always been against the southern bypass, so his voting record was clear.

Konrad korner (JU), on the other hand, said that the JU, like the CSU, would vote with the SPD against the proposal. "The companies are still expanding, adidas wants to create 3000 additional jobs. This also means an increase in traffic."

Concreted over areas

The green mark deavin said that driving should be made more difficult, not easier. He explained that the northern bypass had demonstrably not brought any relief for niederndorf. Mayor hacker reacted very impulsively and declared: "of course the northern bypass has brought relief for niederndorf. A ten year old would not say what they have said."

At the end of the debate, the greens once again added that they did not agree with the way things were proceeding. "We want to sacrifice an area of 32 soccer fields to the road." and peter maier added emotionally: "i think it’s deadly sad that a large part of the people here don’t want to think and want to think sustainably. The problem with traffic will remain with the rejection."

Eleven votes were ultimately cast in favor of the motion (green, die partei, FDP, and afd). But this was not enough against the majority of SPD, CSU and JU the motion is rejected..

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