Germany for government rescue mission in the mediterranean sea

Germany for government rescue mission in the mediterranean Sea

The german government has reaffirmed its interest in a new governmental sea rescue mission in the mediterranean, based on the model of the EU operation sophia. "We participated in this mission with conviction," government spokesman steffen seibert said in berlin on friday.

However, there is currently no agreement in the EU on the distribution of refugees rescued in the mediterranean. "We would welcome a new mandate, if there was that agreement."

In the spring, the EU stopped its sophia naval mission off the libyan coast, which was launched in 2015, and can now no longer rescue migrants from distress at sea. The reason is that the member states have not been able to agree on a system for distributing those rescued. The original aim of the campaign was to stem migration from libya by combating smuggling.

In practice, this became primarily an operation to rescue refugees from unseaworthy or sinking boats. This is being sharply criticized by italy in particular, which is now refusing to let rescued refugees go ashore.

Seibert stressed that the federal government would have preferred a continuation of mission sophia. The current ad hoc procedure, in which the distribution of refugees is renegotiated every time they are rescued in the EU, with only a few countries participating, cannot be allowed to continue. "We believe this should be organized better, with more solidarity and participation from more states," seibert said.

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