Katschenreuth in poppenreuth faces high hurdle

The third matchday in the eastern district soccer league brings a home game for SSV kasendorf. On sunday (3 p.M.), the team of trainer christoph wachter receives spvgg bayreuth II. Vfr katschenreuth plays SV poppenreuth on sunday (3 p.M.). SSV kasendorf –

Spvgg bayreuth II

Already on the second matchday there was the first defeat for the SSV at the derby in katschenreuth (1:3). The fact that three important players were missing – head of defense philipp schubert, captain daniel grasgruber and jermaine mullen – is not a reason for the defeat for SSV coach christoph wachter: "it is certainly better when everyone is there. But that should not be an excuse." his team showed a good game and was dominating the game most of the time. But the goals were scored by katschenreuth. Decisive for the defeat was the double strike in the initial phase. "After that it was extremely difficult, especially in the heat, to turn the game around, says the SSV coach. "We had one or the other opportunity to still equalize. But the bottom line is a defeat."

Against the regional league reserve from bayreuth the defeat is to be quickly forgotten. But even that will not be easy. "They are really well occupied, explains guard. "We know what to expect." the kasendorf team wants to play well in order to be successful. However, the backward movement must be better. "If we have a better defensive lineup and develop more offensive traction to the goal, we have a chance to win at home." back in the squad are schubert, grasgruber and mullen. So wachter has the agony of choice. Rei.

SSV kasendorf: cukaric, guard – buchta, schubert, grasgruber, mullen, dippold, fuchs, geldner, gunzelmann, gick, hacker, philipp, korzendorfer, M. Pistor, deller, schmeuber, schmidtlein, schorn, jahrsdorfer. SV poppenreuth –

Vfr katschenreuth

The joy over the 3:1 derby win against kasendorf should last for a while in katschenreuth. In a fast-paced game, detlef zenk’s eleven once again proved their running strength and, after early goals by weggel and michel, didn’t let them take the lead again.

"I have to give a big compliment to my team", says zenk. "I wanted us to act boldly forward from the start. The guys did a great job. But this has made the paths in the backward movement longer." that’s why the katschenreuth team – also because of the heat – made some changes in the second half. "The people of kasendorf have made it strong", the vfr coach remembers

Now with the away game in poppenreuth the next heavy task for katschenreuth stands on. Poppenreuth started the season on thursday and won clearly 3:0 against tirschenreuth. "Poppenreuth is probably one of the strongest teams in the league. There we must not stand too deeply, but must look for the duels in the center field, in order to let them not come so to the unfoldings", zenk sets the agenda for the upcoming game.

With regard to personnel, poppenreuth is often good for a surprise. "It’s always possible that they’ll get one or two german or czech players from higher leagues. This makes them individually a bit unpredictable." against tirschenreuth ex-profi skerdilaid curri took part, who promptly scored the 1:0.

The katschenreuther themselves can fall back against poppenreuth on the same personnel as against kasendorf. F. S.

Vfr katschenreuth: neidhart – kirsch, schubert max., kolb, sahr, schwarz, michel, weigl, passing, bottcher, abibullayev, amon, wettermann, weggel, schubert martin, beszczynski.

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