Kissinger summer: performance by rajaton in bad neustadt

Kissinger summer: performance by rajaton in bad neustadt

Queen, sting and beatles instead of mozart, bach or wagner. No dignified hall from the imperial era, but stylish practicality of the new city hall in bad neustadt. After all, the "german design award" in 2018 excellent. No orpheus with harp in the ceiling painting, but instead a spacious foyer turns into an inviting bar. Chatting over champagne at elegant bar tables. In the hall, noble materials and rows of chairs arranged in a wedge shape, pleasantly airy, the whole row does not have to stand up if someone arrives a little late. And then the sound! Bright, clear, audibly different and a welcome gain for the kissinger summer, which is staying in this hall for the second time as a guest. "Varietas delectat, variety delights", the latin man gets to the point.

Offer for the younger generation

The ambience of the stadthalle is an invitation to give the festival one of the most welcome splashes of color that the visitors appreciate, the "class music who want to listen but are not really classical music fans. Like "rajaton. Good music in a special way. Six highly gifted singers from finland, whose unique a cappella culture has been confirmed world-class for years. This is a highly professional ensemble with impressive voices. This is not just singing, they send sounds like a big orchestra playfully light through the hall. Perfectly dubbed by an expert on the mixing desk, plus a sophisticated choreography that does not repeat itself even once. Great cinema!

The discovery of reverberation

An accompanying band plays in the background? No, everything is formulated with the voice, the chest becomes the sounding board of cuban bongos, the soprano plucks the pizzicati of the violin and the tenor rounds off sound and rhythm as a double bass. The sounds are layered, piled up, float and get lost, come back again. You hear clarinet and oboe, see saxophone and trombone before you. When have you ever heard "we can work it out"? Heard from the beatles so cleverly alienated? Rajaton also does stings "I was brougth to my senses" to a work of art.

And how melodious the finnish language can be is demonstrated with texts from the "kanteletar", of the collection of finnish folk poetry clearly. Especially there the audience cheers after each number, when the three spirited ladies aili ikonen, essi wuorela and soila sariola make their mother tongue sound, tenor hannu lepola and ahti paunu as baritone answer and jussi chydenius with sonorous bass has the last word. It is moderated. The ladies and gentlemen take turns to make this. Fresh and unagitated in english and you don’t even have to understand every word to be infected by the cheerfulness.

Whether they are announcing their own compositions or embarking on a musical journey to northern climes, to ireland or iceland. The fact that these almost unlimited sound spaces have such a lasting effect is due to the great voices, but also to a clever trick of the mixing console, which is particularly effective in the case of sustained pieces such as "butterfly" by mia makaroff, the world hit by rajaton, adds a breathed reverberation, which the acoustics of the hall effectively let fall on the audience.

The high-flyers from finland take the visitors on an expedition through unlimited sound spaces, creating the typical rajaton sound with boundless virtuosity that leaves a lasting impression. After a last bow to the finnish homeland the whole hall stands up. Acclaimed encore. Rajaton means boundless in finnish. That’s what they are: boundlessly good!

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