Obernbreit pastor adam possmayer proclaims a year of joy

"We are happy today to be able to celebrate this special service", said catholic priest adam possmayer at the anniversary service in obernbreit to mark the 50th consecration of church st. Maria regina in 1970. "We would like to welcome even more worshipers with us, because we have room for 600 people", confessed the clergyman and at the same time also expressed his joy about the progress of the ongoing parish hall renovation.

As parish priest possmayer explained, the church st. Maria regina was inaugurated in july 1970 by the then auxiliary bishop alfons kempf and father engelbert spielmann. This gave the church, which was built in the second half of the 20th century, a new look. The catholic parish, which was re-established at the beginning of the twentieth century, has a place of worship. "We proclaim a year of joy, of rejoicing in god", said the pastor and paid tribute to the people who had done a lot for the house of worship and the church community in the past 50 years.

New objectivity

The external form of the church must be fulfilled with the internal content of the parishioners as living stones. The holy house had been built as a typical example of modern church architecture of the new objectivity under the direction of the wurzburg cathedral master builder hans schadel. The church is adjoined by the large parish hall and three youth rooms. Maria regina, the church is dedicated to the mother of god and all the saints, but it is still a church of christ.

Mayor susanne knof assured that the municipality had already supported the parish under its predecessor bernhard bruckner and would now continue to do so during the ongoing renovations. The political municipality has always been concerned about supporting the church communities. The mayor said that 50 years is not an age at all for a church and went into many occasions that christians celebrate in churches.

Open-air celebration and organ concert

For the protestant church community reinhold weber congratulated. He emphasized the lived ecumenism and the good cooperation of both denominations in the village. Once the catholics had thought and acted with foresight in order to realize the church building on the sonnenhang. The church is a place of meeting and religious life, but also a space to pray and to go into oneself. The obernbreiter want to celebrate the anniversary soon with an open-air celebration with the marktbreiter musicians further and at the beginning of august with an organ concert by organist jonas scheller.

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