Peter wohlleben shows clear edge for national park steigerwald

According to a press release, almost 100 participants joined the webinar last week on the topic of "thirsty forests – will the steigerwald become the bavarian hambi" to. The guests included green member of parliament lisa badum and climate activists luca rosenheimer (bamberg) and sabine ratzel (nuremberg) as well as well-known forester peter wohlleben.

At the beginning of the year, the activists and lisa badum had jointly drawn attention to a national park in the steigerwald by means of forest walks and were now able to win over a prominent voice in the discussion in the person of peter wohlleben, who sided with the national park advocates with clear words.

"Our native, old beech forests in germany only exist in the per mille area. They and with them many undiscovered but also discovered species are threatened with extinction. The few remnants, to which also the steigerwald belongs, must be pulled immediately from the traffic. A national park steigerwald is overdue", stressed wohlleben, who at the beginning of the year with "the secret life of trees" a hit movie. "I am mainly interested in more respect for our forests."

The webinar led from the situation of forests in germany, why protected areas are needed and what role the climate crisis and species protection play in our forests to the reasons that speak for a national park steigerwald. "We have one deciduous forest area in bavaria that is worthy of the international rank of a natural world heritage site, and that is the steigerwald. This franconian jewel must be preserved and the basis for this is provided by a long overdue national park. Every politician must have an interest in raising this potential for franken. Then why doesn’t the bavarian government do it?? In times of climate crisis and species extinction, we simply can’t afford not to rethink. And with a national park steigerwald we can kill several birds with one stone", described lisa badum, who has been campaigning for a national park in the steigerwald for years and has also persuaded the bavarian green party to do so.

"Even if a national park steigerwald comes, and it will come, that is actually still far too little.", peter wohlleben summarized the situation again. The activists and lisa badum definitely do not want to see any more old-growth beech trees felled in the steigerwald in the coming season.

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