Royal dignity remains in the family

Royal dignity remains in the family

Jurgen dorsch is the new king of hohenfelder schutzen. In the late afternoon on kirchweihmondag, the holiday of the protectors in the kitzingen district, the secret about the new majesty was revealed. And so it is also clear that the title remains in the family: the new king jurgen is the father of the old king, michael dorsch.

It was again that special festive day of hohenfelder schutzen on kirchweihmonday. Together with the protection commissioner, kitzingen’s mayor stefan guntner, who was picked up at the old town hall, the protectors marched through the village to the sound of the groblangheim musicians, in order to line up the old sovereigns, the still reigning protection king, youth king, citizen king and citizen queen in the procession. After four hours they reached the schutzhaus.

Arriving there in the late afternoon, the highlight of the shooting year began: the proclamation of the new kings. Shooting master michael graber was assisted by mayor stefan guntner, who made the proclamation exciting and for whom the shooting parade is the "longest representation of the lord mayor.

The sovereigns of the protectors were determined with good participation, so protector master michael graber, in the week before the proclamation. And graber was also very pleased about the very high participation of the people of hohenfeld in the citizens’ shooting on sunday. Among the protectors, jurgen dorsch received the king’s chain, his knights are marcus gotz and andreas zimmermann. The alfred-beigel-cup was awarded to michael graber, the friedrich-seynstahl-cup to norbert degan and the karl-nitsche-cup to gerhard hohn. Citizen king is klaus graber with the knights siegfried schmitt and michael enck, citizen queen is sabrina rackl, with the knights carola schmidt-linke and alicia dietze. Among the teams the "kuchenprofis schmidt" were ahead of the 1. Team of the voluntary fire department and the "two angels for richy.

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