Spezialkeller bamberg – looking over the shoulder of the waiters and waitresses

Spezialkeller bamberg - looking over the shoulder of the waiters and waitresses

A hand reaches up. "A beer please!" hannah looks at the guest with a smile. "Comes immediately." two more hands go up in the air nearby. The 25-year-old student registers the wishes and rushes to the bar of the special cellar in bamberg. Here she works as a waitress.

The fourth season already. She enjoys her work, she explains. Because the guests are usually in a good mood be. If the weather is right, it’s just a matter of running, running, running. But then at least be something going on. Hannah likes this. She studies business education in the seventh semester. Goal: vocational school teacher. She can earn a good part of the money she needs for her studies in the cellar.

She got the job through her sister-in-law. She plays basketball, as do hannah and two other waitresses. We know each other.

"Our four basketball girls were a strong team", the owner of the cellar, fritz lohr, is satisfied with his students. "Were" because the squad has shrunk considerably in the meantime.

Three of them have already passed their exams, only hannah has stayed on from the quartet. Finding reliable staff is not that easy, explains the cellar keeper. And he needs a lot of personnel in the season. 50 employees on the payroll. When the cellar is busy, 20 are on duty at the same time. Then there are 700 guests to feed, all of whom are hungry and thirsty at the same time. Although the cellar can offer a rather lavish menu – in addition to the usual franconian breads, there are warm dishes such as schaufala or roast pork – the guests can also bring their own breads.

"Bread time, mind you." stresses the

Host. "People have already cooked asparagus and fried potatoes on a camp stove in our house." logical, that’s where fritz lohr steps in. Even when people want to have 12 pizzas brought to their basement by a pizza service. "We are a franconian beer cellar" it is said. Pizza and kebab have no place there. He serves typical franconian bread and a good special beer – a bamberger smoked beer specialty. And that’s it. After all, you are not a restaurant. "That’s why we don’t have cappuccino."

Entry as a "plate cab
back to our student. In her first season, she had only served as a "plate cab she tells us. That is, she delivered the food, cleared the table, learned which table had which number. From the second season she was then used as a waitress.

Not an easy job in sunny weather and temperatures around 28 degrees celsius.

Then the cellar is usually full to bursting point. Of course, there are also complaints from time to time. Because it takes too long with beer. "When the cellar is full, you can only walk and walk. More is just not possible." most guests would understand, all would not. During the week, the spezi-keller is mostly frequented by local people. "Because the beer tastes good, the view is great and the host is right" a regular guest explains his reasons.

And indeed: the view of bamberg’s old town from the cellar is truly unique. For this reason, there are also a lot of reservations. Fritz lohr allows table reservations but only for a maximum of 400 guests.

"Otherwise we’ll annoy the people who want to pay us a spontaneous visit."

Many tourists at the weekend
on weekends it is rather the tourists who dominate the picture in the cellar. And northern german guests in particular have to get used to the customs of a cellar. A mixed audience then. Exactly what hannah actually finds so exciting.

Why the student would also like to work on the spezi basement until her exams. Their look becomes restless. A hand raised a few rows further up the table ends the conversation. "I have to go on they apologize. "The guests are thirsty."

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