Strong together in difficult times

Strong together in difficult times

Helpers from the kirchehrenbach volunteer fire department (F) and the kirchehrenbach technical relief organization (THW) met for their second joint training session on saturday in bright sunshine to learn about each other’s equipment and strengthen their working relationship.

While in the past year the planning of the F kirchehrenbach took place, took over this year unit leader stefan lalla and platoon leader volker gebhard the planning of the service. With three different tasks the volunteers of F and THW occupied themselves on saturday afternoon. In addition to the technical training, the cooperation between the two organizations should be strengthened, so the teams were mixed and divided into three groups to try out all three training contents in turn.

Personal rescue

"Technical assistance on traffic routes" was one of the three stations at which the helpers tried their hand. Under the guidance of firefighter rolf bergmann, they tried out various ways of rescuing people from crashed vehicles. Here, the THW workers learned about the different ways firefighters can open windshields. Also the handling of scissors and spreader for opening car doors. As an example of an alternative, the firefighters demonstrated the so-called oslo method to the THW members, in which a badly demolished vehicle can be pulled apart by means of chains and fixed points. This would make it easier to rescue an injured person from a vehicle.

At another station, the firefighters learned about the possibilities offered by the THW’s emergency scaffolding system (EGS). Expert christian redel from THW kirchehrenbach built a pedestrian footbridge across the ehrenbach with volunteers from the EGS, such as is used after floods when bridges have been destroyed. Since in most operations access is only possible from one side of the water, the training of the footbridge was prepared and laid out.

Packed with new knowledge and impressions the volunteers with their red and blue vehicles ended the service with a common grill in the THW accommodation, at which they could exchange themselves still extensively

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