There is nothing that does not exist: coburg companies at the international toy fair

Somehow it is hard to put down the doll anke gotz-beyer is presenting at the booth of gotz puppenmanufaktur at the nuremberg toy fair. She feels so different from most other dolls. "It is made of 100 percent natural rubber", explains anke gotz-beyer. An attempt to go a different way in the plastic world of toys.

"More and more customers have become ecologically sensitive", says business promoter martin schmitz. Together with deputy district administrator rainer mattern and ebersdorf’s mayor bernd reisenweber, he visits companies in the region at the nuremberg trade fair. The rubber doll is produced in barcelona for gotz. To further emphasize its environmental credentials, the company plants a tree for every doll sold. The price of rubber, the demand and the so far low mobility of the doll, currently limit the number of pieces.

A large part of the rodentaler gotz dolls is manufactured in china. There are play dolls in wide variety. "It will be a long time before we can produce there in a CO2-neutral way", knows anke gotz -beyer. But after all, customers can also access the doll made of the natural material rubber.

Dolls can do more and more


The rodental-based manufacturer zapf creation demonstrates at its stand what dolls can do. Baby born is still the hottest baby doll in germany. Wolfgang hofmann, who guides the visitors through the presentation, is happy about that. The success at the trade show is all the more impressive: "we had a pleasing number of visitors and customers." the visitors are guided through the presentation in groups. The staff presents dolls much more than before to their "doll mothers react. They recognize their "mother" with an amulet, they laugh and cry, eat (or even reject some things with a "baa from) and wet their diapers. The fact that a baby can also ride a bicycle and even get married probably only seems strange to adults.

Since 2006, zapf has been working with the US toy company MGA entertainment, inc. Together. This is also reflected in the product range. "Collecting and discovering" is obviously very popular with young customers," says wolfgang hofmann. Enormous sales of small figures with accessories – just to collect – confirms him. "There are videos on the internet where children film themselves unpacking our products and are completely thrilled", he describes the success, the series. In addition, zapf also offers toys such as cars that can be remote-controlled by motion.

Learning through play


Play and education have always been a combined theme for haba in bad rodach. And not only because the company manufactures toys as well as furniture for schools and kindergartens. An important combination as michael hopf states during the tour at the exhibition booth. The fact that haba is so well represented on the market with wooden toys is also made possible by the combined use of machines for both furniture and toys.

Haba is also strongly represented with books and board games. "Sparkle treasure" has been awarded as game of the year 2018. This combination of offerings is proving successful, as michael hopf notes that more and more stores in the book trade are also offering games and other items.

Roba from ebersdorf offers children’s furniture and playground equipment also for outdoors. "All of europe to russia" matthias schreiner from roba, when asked about the important markets for roba. Business in the USA is developing slowly. Growth also always requires employees. "We are always looking for", says matthias schreiner. However, the demand on the qualification of the employees is also increasing.

Very young target group


Toys for children from 0 to 18 months are offered by fehn gmbh& co. KG, headquartered in rodental, germany, as sales manager christian vollmer explains at the booth. However, the production does not take place at the company headquarters with its 40 employees but in sri lanka. According to vollmer, the company is growing continuously in the third family generation.

The fact that production takes place abroad is absolutely common in the industry. "The toy industry was one of the first to go international", knows martin schmitz. As the district’s economic promoter, he is nevertheless pleased that the companies have kept their headquarters in the region.

At the stand of fehn is often the number 70. A round birthday, the company was founded in 1949. At the fair, fehn seeks contact with customers but also with competitors. "Despite all the competition, people know each other and exchange information", says christian vollmer.

Thus again and again one profits from the other. In addition, there is the contact with customers from distant countries. They would not only come to rodental because of fehn – but also because of the trade fair in nuremberg. And the market – especially in asia – has become much more important for the company. China and taiwan christian vollmer names above all. Like other companies from the region, christian vollmer comes up with the internet shipper amazon when it comes to brexit. Amazon is an important partner – also for the british market and especially with a view to brexit, however hard that will be.

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