Young citizens want to altenkunstadt city hall

Young citizens want to Altenkunstadt city hall

Members of the junge union (JU) want to set up the young citizens voter grouping and run with their own list in the local council elections on 16 december. March line up. Their motto: "christian-conservative-young."
"Currently there is only one member under 45 years of age in the municipal council. Therefore, I am convinced that a new group of voters covering the age spectrum from 18 to 45 would be a great asset to our community", is thorsten J. Schmidtke convinces. The 33-year-old JU chairman in altenkunstadt is the driving force behind the new political movement. He puts forward another reason: for him, every new voters’ association is also another cornerstone of our democracy that would enliven the diversity of opinion.

Speaking of new: the JB already exists in the district council, in the cities of lichtenfels and bad staffelstein, and in the market community ebensfeld. For schmidtke, they are an important political grouping in the district: "in the local parliaments mentioned, the young citizens have so far provided twelve councilors, with georg vonbrunn a deputy to the district administrator, and in bad staffelstein with sabine scheer the third mayor."
The altenkunstadter, who is a police officer by profession, does not see the voters’ association as a splinter group of the conservative camp. Quite the opposite "we want to offer voters a list of predominantly young candidates." in addition, he notes that the JU, as a subordinate working group of the CSU, is not allowed by law to run for office under its own name.

Two with CSU party card

next year’s mayoral election in altenkunstadt promises to be exciting: with robert hummer and georg vonbrunn, two candidates are running who have CSU party membership decree. How will the young citizens behave: will you make an election recommendation or remain neutral? Schmidtke is still keeping a low profile on this issue – and with good reason: the JB in altenkunstadt is currently still in its founding phase. A clear positioning could take place in autumn this year at the earliest.
Since the JB is not yet represented in the altenkunstadter local council, it needs for a participation with the local election 120 supporter signatures. Schmidtke has no reservations about overcoming this hurdle: "so far, I have received only positive feedback from all sides. I am confident that 120 citizens will hand in their signatures at the town hall."

Parties are elected because of their people and programs. Schmidtke can say little about this at present. The road map for the further proceeding stands however already: after the establishment of a registered association the executive committee team will think about the goals of the aimed voter group. The founding meeting, which is to take place in the next few weeks, is followed by the drawing up of a list for the local council elections at the end of autumn. Is there not, however, a goal that the JB have already set for themselves?? Schmidtke does not have to think long: "the youth representative would certainly be a desirable office for the JB, which sees itself as the voice of the younger generations."

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