Climate protection, but social

The left party and the young action for social affairs and the environment (JASU) want to convince the citizens with the contents of their municipal election program and with their candidates from all areas of the population. They set, as they communicate, their emphasis with a socially arranged climatic protection. Small and middle incomes as well as pensioners may not carry the whole load of the climatic protection and are to be relieved. The left party and the JASU would also like to expand public transport and make it free of charge in the medium term. The city council has already set the right course for this with the free use of city buses for schoolchildren from 2 p.M. Onwards. Converting buses to electric/natural gas/hydrogen, expanding the network of bike paths and a central bike parking lot at the train station with monitoring and roofing are other proposals. Social housing, rent and electricity affordable for all, good care and better childcare, expansion of accessibility and a reduction in the burden on citizens and businesses through a "digital city hall are additional focal points. An extension of the B4 in weichengereuth is rejected. The palm house and the rose garden must be preserved.

The JASU is represented with the candidates ulf wunderlich (place 10), florian batz (place 15) and felix preub (place 19) and addresses itself particularly to young humans and families, pupils, apprentices and studying.

In the mayoral election campaign, the left party and JASU want to offer concrete solutions to coburg’s problems in the form of an initial twelve-point plan for an attractive coburg. In addition to the points mentioned, this also includes the expansion of the bicycle network, fee-free daycare and kindergarten, an indoor playground, municipal contracts only to companies that pay at least collectively agreed wages, and the reversal of the fee increases of recent years. For the left party and the JASU, the coburg clinic belongs in public hands. They are also in favor of more and well-trained caregivers, as well as financial support for associations and volunteerism.

Door-to-door campaign starts

Under the motto "red rings begins on friday, 24. January, the doorstep campaign of the mayor candidate rene hahnlein and the city council candidates of the left and the JASU. A goal is it to ring in the next four weeks at each doorbell, with the coburgern into the discussion to come and the contents and candidates present. Hahnlein’s doorstep campaign can be carried out via instagram, facebook and co. Can be followed along. Interested associations and citizens can also invite rene hahnlein directly for a discussion.

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