Madrid offers thunberg help with climate summit trip

The spanish government has offered aid to swedish climate activist greta thunberg to allow her to attend the UN climate change conference in madrid in december.

"Dear greta, it would be great to have you here in madrid," wrote acting environment minister teresa ribera on twitter. "We would love to help you cross the atlantic," she added in the tweet friday night, praising thunberg’s commitment to the climate. Madrid is ready to get in touch with the 16-year-old, he said. Ribera did not say what the travel assistance might look like.

After chile’s surprise cancellation, the spanish capital had stepped in to host the UN climate conference. The top meeting is to be held from 2. To 13. December take place.

Thunberg has indicated that she wants to be there despite the change of location. But she must now find a way to cross the atlantic, wrote the founder of the climate movement fridays for future on twitter. "It turns out I’ve been traveling halay around the world, in the wrong direction," she wrote from the U.S. If anyone can help find a means of transportation, she said she would be grateful.

Thunberg was on a sailing ship across the atlantic because she did not want to fly as a sign for more climate protection. She was addressing the united nations in new york, but the planned climate conference in santiago de chile was also a reason for the arduous trip. After chile canceled the event due to violent social protests in the country, spain stepped in. At UN climate summits, nations negotiate implementation of paris climate agreement. It aims to limit global warming to less than two degrees.

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