Ralf pohl after crushing defeat: “a black day for the spd”

Ralf Pohl after crushing defeat: 'a black day for the SPD'

"We sit together and discuss", ralf pohl answers the question about the mood at the "election party the SPD. After celebrating, the guests who met at the "frische quelle" restaurant in kronach were in the mood for a party the SPD is not at all pleased – even if the result in the constituency of kronach/lichtenfels was a little better than the trend in bavaria. "It’s a catastrophic result that affects everyone across the whole of bavaria. A black day for the SPD", analyzes ralf pohl, direct candidate for the "red" party.

Ten percent less than in 2013

13.58 percent for kups in the primary vote and 14.80 percent for his SPD in the secondary vote in the two counties. In both cases, that is around ten percent less than the result from 2013. Even then, pohl was a direct candidate, coming in second behind CSU man jurgen baumgartner, just as he did this time around. At that time, however, he was able to gain much higher percentages and narrowly failed to enter the state parliament via the SPD list.

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This time, the SPD district chairman from kronach is not at all concerned with mind games at the maximilianeum. "Because of the poor overall result, there was no discussion about it at all", said pohl. It is true that not all the relevant figures were available on the evening of the election. "But I think it is unrealistic."

"We are in a negative nationwide trend. People are not satisfied with the work of the grand coalition, and they don’t want the constant quarreling fueled by horst seehofer any more", analyzed the 53-year-old economist, who works as a lecturer at the university of erlangen-nurnberg. "We have not managed to renew ourselves and raise the profile. A very weak phase for the SPD."

Jurgen baumgartner wins direct mandate in kronach/lichtenfels

The current framework conditions are compounded by old problems. Pohl: "we have made mistakes – for example in pension policy or hartz IV. And we were not able to win back the trust we had lost." the decision of the bavarian SPD to conduct a factual and decent election campaign was the right one. "But we do not make clear where our core points lie in the issues of social justice."

In the constituency, too, pohl feels he has set the right goals, but has not made enough headway. "We continue to campaign for equal living conditions everywhere in bavaria."

Differences between districts

Equal, this keyword does not apply to ralf pohl’s result in kronach and lichtenfels. While the kups municipal and kronach district councilor achieved results of over 20 percent in four municipalities in his political home region (tettau 29.7; reichenbach 26.2; kups 25.2; ludwigsstadt 23.3), in some cases he only managed to win just over five percent in lichtenfels (ebensfeld 5.7; weismain 5.9).

Overall, the difference between the districts in the first votes was around five percent, while in the second votes in lichtenfels, the SPD "only" achieved three percent fewer reached than in kronach. This continues a trend from 2013, when pohl received 9.5 percent fewer first-time votes in lichtenfels.

Good mood after the election among the independent voters

When asked about the fact that the district chairman of lichtenfels, sebastian muller, who had run for office on the list, was more frequently advertised than he was in some places in the district of lichtenfels, pohl said: "we have to ask the question of whether i have been advertised enough across the board. Things did not go smoothly."

Personal future open

In general, says pohl, everything must now be put to the test. "We will talk about it – but first internally in the committees, he answers the question of what role he will play in the future. Whether he wants to run again for the state parliament is just as open as the personnel lineup of the kronach SPD. "We have new elections for county chair in the winter and need to talk about who is available before then."

The next goal is the municipal elections in 2020. "We want to defend our mayoral posts there. It will be hard enough."

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